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2010 Burstner Aviano I728g
2010 Burstner Aviano I728g motorhome
Owned by weebill
Updated 07/05/2011

2011 RS Enterprise A Class
2011 RS Enterprise A Class motorhome
Owned by ceejayt
Updated 13/02/2011

2007 CI Carioca 656
2007 CI Carioca 656 motorhome
Owned by colpot
Updated 01/04/2013

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Campsites Entries and Campsite Reviews added recently

Below are the Most recent Campsite Reviews added by MHF Members. Click a line to see full details.

Campsite Entries
Campsite Reviews
CountryNameDateAdded By
UK Campsite Pub StopoversThe Green Man 25/11/2014 Hoedown
Moroccan Campsite Independent CampsiteFlamants Loisirs 12/11/2014 Flamants
French Campsite Aire de ServiceSurtainville 21/10/2014 Vennwood
French Campsite Motorhome Friendly ParkingBarfleur 2 21/10/2014 Vennwood
UK Campsite Independent CampsiteLlys Derwen 20/09/2014 peterandirene
UK Campsite Certificated LocationTacla Taid 17/09/2014 peterandirene
UK Campsite Independent CampsiteAlnwick Rugby Club Campsite 17/09/2014 ralph-dot
French Campsite Aire de ServiceQuimperle 16/09/2014 KeithChesterfield
French Campsite Aire de ServiceLe Trevoux 16/09/2014 KeithChesterfield
French Campsite Aire de ServiceSt Guenole Penmarch 16/09/2014 KeithChesterfield
Campsite EntryReview DateCampsite Review By
Cabo De Gata campsite review Cabo De Gata 21/01/2015 safariboy
Camping Ciudad Zaragoza campsite review Camping Ciudad Z.. 17/01/2015 eurajohn
Plouha campsite review Plouha 15/01/2015 barryd
Mareuil-sur-Ay campsite review Mareuil-sur-Ay 01/01/2015 Levvo001
Chamery campsite review Chamery 01/01/2015 Levvo001
Le Moulin Fort campsite review Le Moulin Fort 27/12/2014 MrWez
Belesta campsite review Belesta 18/12/2014 BrianR
Port Vendres campsite review Port Vendres 18/12/2014 BrianR
Cruden Bay campsite review Cruden Bay 09/12/2014 DustyR
Abingdon on Thames campsite review Abingdon on Thames 07/12/2014 Grizzly
Stroud Hill campsite review Stroud Hill 29/11/2014 Jimbothompson
Le Praz- Aire (Courcheval 1350) campsite review Le Praz- Aire (C.. 29/03/2013 madrad47
Dibles Park campsite review Dibles Park 12/11/2014 MrWez
Biscarrosse Plage (40) campsite review Biscarrosse Plag.. 10/11/2014 Bern2544
 Isigny Sur Mer campsite review  Isigny Sur Mer 10/11/2014 Bern2544

There are [9345] Campsites/Aires/Wild Camping Spots and [4260] Additional Campsite Reviews in our DataBase

Pub Stopovers [45] :: Aires [995] :: Sostas [147] :: Municipals [354] :: Independent [1994] :: CCC [117] :: CC [204]
CL's [2308] :: CS's [1346] :: Stellplatz [510] :: Parking [587] :: Wild Spots [673]

The Campsite Database has entries for the following:- All UK Campsite types, French Aire De Services,

Municipal Campsites, Wild Camping Spots, MH Friendly Parking Places and other European spots such as the German Stellplatz and Italian Sostas

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Forthcoming Motorhome Rally Events

Below are the future Motorhome Rallies for MHF Members. Click a line to see full details.

Motorhome Rallies
Motorhome Meets
20/03/2015UK Spring Motorhome & Caravan Show Newark
09/04/2015The South Coast Caravan & Motorhome Show, Romsey
16/04/2015The National Motorhome Show Peterborough
14/05/2015The Southern Motorhome Show Newbury
05/06/2015UK Summer Motorhome & Caravan Show Detling Kent
19/06/2015The Motorhome Show Stratford Racecourse
23/07/2015The Norfolk Motorhome Show Norwich (New Show)
13/08/2015The Western Motorhome Show, Malvern
04/09/2015UK Autumn Motorhome & Caravan Show Newark
10/09/2015The Motorhome Show Shepton September
24/09/2015The Motorhome Season Finale, Lincoln

Definitions: Motorhome Rallies are organised events where marshalls / staff will be present and usually held at the Motorhome Shows or rally fields, forum section is HERE.
The Motorhome Meets are informal 'get together' type affairs where a member posts in the Forums / event calendar they are going somewhere for the weekend and anyone else is free to join them.

Sign up for a MHF Motorhome Rally or Meet with no obligation click here

Add A New Motorhome Rally or Meet click here

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Motorhome News

Tyne Tunnel tolls double for Motorhome drivers
Submitted by member on Monday, January 20 @ 00:00:00 EST (6488 reads)
Motorhome Informationmember writes " From the 1st January 2013 the Tyne Tunnel tolls have doubled for motohomes.A new measurement of height has been introduced.  If your vehicle is 3mtrs or more in height the standard toll of £1.60p is doubled to £3.20p each way. That is more than a commercial HGV has to pay."

Stolen Autotrail
Submitted by StevieBambs on Friday, January 03 @ 00:00:00 EST (5891 reads)
Motorhome SecurityStevieBambs writes "Hi everybody.

Our Autotrail Apache 700 SE was stolen last night, it had a Sold Secure Bulldog wheel clamp & a steering wheel lock, but they still managed to take it (reg: HX56 UAH).

It was clocked on the police camera in Gisburn, Lancashire @ 12:01 & then clocked again on another camera on the M65 half an hour later.

If anybody spots an Autotrail with a tribal eagle decal (21" x 21", which makes it distinctive) on each side, then please advise your local police.

We were due to go again this weekend, but my mrs is feeling so sick that she is not sure whether to replace it as she would not want to go through this again (it is like a feeling of suffering grief?).

Please keep your eyes peeled.


Millers Field motorhome site in Ambleside threatened closure
Submitted by desmo on Wednesday, November 27 @ 16:28:28 EST (6215 reads)
Motorhome Stopoversdesmo writes "The motorhome site at Millers Field, in Ambleside, lake District is due to be closed, as it is on a flood plain and impacts on the view from Loughrigg Fell.The manager of the site is to lobby relevant bodies to prevent this, but would appreciate any comments before noon 29th November 2013. Please email Graeme at mfmcambles@hotmail.com. "

Huttoft Car Terrace, Lincs. Height barrier.
Submitted by kencocamper on Saturday, September 28 @ 00:00:00 EDT (6757 reads)
Motorhome Newskencocamper writes "A height barrier is being installed on Huttoff car terrace this week and being closed on Mon 23rd Sept at 9 am, yet another discrimination against motorhomers, 7 years ago you had to go in pairs if you wanted to fish because of the druggies and you would not fish after dark, you dare not take children because of needles left everywhere and wierdo,s hanging about, it was a favourite place for boy races and the stolen cars that were burned out on there, but since more M-Hs have used it all this has stopped because they dont like being watched, the M-Hs are basically policing the area and the police that visit the area will agree with this, but the council refuse to speak with the motorhomers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-24233856"

Overnight in Hawick
Submitted by kath42 on Monday, August 05 @ 22:15:03 EDT (7894 reads)
Motorhome Informationkath42 writes "Hawick, in the Scottish Borders, welcomes motorhomes and has several dedicated spaces in the Common Haugh Car Park for parking up to 24hours. Parking is free Saturday to Thursday nights, no overnight stay on Fridays due to the Saturday market, nor in the first two weeks of June due to an annual festival.  The car park has toilets and overlooks the River Teviot with easy access to the High Street.  Look out for The Hawick Welcome Hosts part of the Hawick Welcome Initiative.  See www.visitscottishborders.com or email: info@hawickwelcome.org.uk and request a brochure."

Cheap and Cheerful Camper of the Week 49
Submitted by benadmin on Friday, December 07 @ 15:36:41 EST (9661 reads)

Something new for Motorhome Facts, Camper of the Week is a campervan or motorhome chosen for at least one of the following traits:

  • Unique
  • Good value
  • Rare
  • Fully loaded

And the first one shall be no exception, hopefully.

Everyone knows that the Hymer name holds a certain selling power and typically paints a good picture in your mind of what your about to see. The 1992 Hymer B644 is no exception especially after what the previous owner has done to this ‘van...


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