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Author: Greggy

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:47 pm    Post subject:  Mk7 Transit Gearshift


A few days ago my Transit Duetto was in for it's second annual service, I asked if they would check the gear selector as it feels 'notchy' from neutral to first and first to second gear, the rest are okay.

I was more than a wee bit surprised to be told the gearbox would need to be stripped to locate the fault, especially at 2 years old and only 6000 miles.

Is this a rare occurrence or has anyone else had or heard of this problem ?

For any unfamiliar with the Duetto, it's a a MWB panel van conversion on the Transit 140 T350 RWD.

Not sure if I should have posted this on the 'Tech / Mech Chat Engine and Gearbox' section.



Author: dipsticks

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Author: poleman PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:31 pm    Post subject:  

If your van is only two years old then surely the warranty would take care of any issue.

If 'you' asked for the gear selector to be checked the garage may assume you mean the selector forks which are in the gearbox.

If your van is rear wheel drive RWD then the linkage on top of the gearbox seizes up there is a threaded pin through two steel bushes which tightens with corrosion.

The propshaft, exhaust silencer and linkage cables have to be removed to access it. I spoke to Ford Technical Help before stripping the one I did and they were unaware of a problem. I've since seen three more with the same problem.

If the linkage is lubricated on the annual service I would imagine this problem wouldn't occur.

Author: Greggy

Location: West Lothian

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Thanks for the response poleman, and yes the warranty still has a year to run, that's why I asked to have it checked and as I had no idea whether it's the linkage or whatever else might be causing it, I thought it better to mention at this service rather than next year when the warranty runs out.

I just think it's getting progressively more difficult to get first and second gear and 'notchy' best describes it for me. I did assume it would be an adjustment of some sort and was taken aback when they road tested it and told me the gearbox would need to be stripped.

I chose this Ford garage to service my van as they only do commercial vehicles, do have a good reputation and have been in business for over 55 years. I know all of that can mean nothing but when you have limited mechanical knowledge, you can do no more than put your faith in who you choose.

Just wondered if any others had a similar problem.



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