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Latest information on Fiat Ducato X2/50 'issues'
Problems with 2007 Fiat X2/50 chassis

Updated: 19th Feb 2008

Added link to Fiat 'Find a Dealer' on Fiat Commercial website.

Updated: 08th Feb 2008

More details on VOSA recalls added.

Updated: 14th Jan 2008
It now seems some members are having 'new' scuttles fitted - Steles in :: this post :: and Carolgavin in :: this post ::. It seems the 'new' scuttle is still two-piece, but made of a 'stiffer' plastic to stop it bowing.

Updated: 4th Jan 2008

Some members have pointed out that the main discussion thread is quite long, and can't find the current information. This is an attempt to define what's happening (updated as new information becomes available).

Fiat Customer Care 00800 3428 0000 free phone
or phone 01753 511431 and ask for customer services in the UK.

Link to Fiat COmmercial 'Find a Dealer' : :: LINK ::
(don't forget to tick the "Motorhome Service" box)

See the VOSA website:

Current recalls:
STEERING (lack of lubricant) - recall no. R/2007/153
:: LINK ::

REDUCED BRAKING PERFORMANCE (water ingress into vacuum servo pip related) - recall no. R/2007/059
:: LINK ::

TYRE VALVES (valve may break) - recall no. R/2007/150
:: LINK ::

BRAKES (brake hose manufacture) - recall no. R/2007/172
:: LINK ::

WINDSCREEN WIPERS (water ingress to wiper motor related) - recall no. R/2007/152
:: LINK ::


fiat part number for the 2.2l cover is 55212592

Current Fiat fixes (not official recalls)
5209 - Gearbox bearing (3.0 litre only)?
5219 - Steering rack - I think this is a check the seals and regrease
5220 - Starter motor???
5221 - Corroding injectors - some 'stuff' is applied to remove the corrosion, and then Waxoyl is applied to stop it happening again
5222 - ABS cntrol unit cover
5223 - Front wiper cover
5247 - Fuel injection flash - a 'reprogramming' of the Engine Management System to stop a warning light coming on
5248 - Starter fuse - the fuse is being uprated
5251 - Power steering pipe - check fixing and relocate if necessary

Reports of engine battery becoming flat after only 2 days of non-use. Measurement show discharge of 0.4 Amps with all equipment turned off.

When starting the engine, there is a solid 'thud' from underneath the cab. Suggestions are that it might be the exhaust pipe hitting something, or the engine mountings holding the engine too close to part of the chassis.

When reversing up a slope, the whole van judders. Members have tried meny methods of reducing this, with differing driving styles. There has been a suggestion that the reverse gear is too high a ratio.

Any further information, please PM me with it, or post in the main thread, as this thread / post is locked.

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