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Murvi Morello

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Murvi Morello

We have just parted company with our Murvi Morello after a year. Our was a Peugeot Boxer based version, with the 2.5 Turbo engine. We bought it secondhand with only 11K on the clock after four years.

The conversion itself is a marvel of compact design, with a whole host of features which other manufacturers would do well to consider. The trimming of nearly every piece of bare metal and wood does make the van seem luxurious, and there is a lot of interior storage space, in a variety of sizes and shapes, which is useful for small objects and things like cameras. The seating is versatile, though alterations of layout when the van is full of kit is something of a nightmare. The main bench seat is a splendid place for lounging after a day's activity, especially in the summer, when you can have the door open.

I have particular reservations about the main table, which is too large for most purposes, and often gets in the way. We replaced ours with a smaller one on the same swivel fitment which meant that we could move it out of the way, and store it more easily.The lift up table behind the passenger seat also looks a great idea in theory. But when you are tall, and sat in the reversed seat, your legs don't quite fit under it comfortably, and it becomes an irritation. This is partly due to the lower floor level in the main body of the van. Hence its replacement in our case by a small 15 x 12 table with an offset leg, which could be swivelled to a number of positions.

The bed. although it looks as if it could never be comfortable, is in fact really good, though you need to be fairly strong to pull it out when the locker under it is full. We found that finding places to store the backrest cushions was also a pain.

The kitchen unit is well designed, and there is adequate workspace for meal preparation and clearing up. However, the cupboard space is difficult to see into because the cupboard doors are hung in different directions, and always seemed to be in the way. The interiors of the kitchen cupboards are unlined, and this led to a number of rattles from crockery, and tins, which needed a fair amount of noise suppression measures to keep them under control. Our was also fitted with a microwave, which squeaked incessantly, and nearly drove me mad.

The toilet/shower compartment works well, though I found it somewhat cramped, being 6' 2 and 14+ stone. The ability to be able to use the shower fitting outside the back door was a useful extra.

I thought the facility of being to service everything from the rear of the vehicle was a good feature, and there was an excellent safety package of CO alarm, smoke detector, fire extinguisher and fire blanket as standard. The heating and lighting were the best I have seen in any van, with the Eberspacher unit being able to carry out a number of different functions, including preheating the engine if you wished it. The high quality lighting ensured that you could read anywhere - which I tend to do - and was switched from a variety of locations, so you could always find a light switch. A light in each of the lower kitchen cupboard would hav been a useful extra.

So why did we part company ? Well, my main criticisms of the vehicle revolve around the Sevel base vehicle. We came to the Murvi from a VW LWB hightop, and I expected the ride to be comparable, from all the reviews I had read. It wasn't - and isn't. In my view it's uncouth, banging and crashing over the smallest bumps. We tried different tyres, Goodyear Cargo, which made a small impact on it.

The quality of the fittings and panel work is poor by comparison with the VW. Try as we might, we could never get the large sliding door to seal without either a draught or a rattle. The local bodyshop, who are one of the best I have come across, could not solve the problem, despite changing bushes, and locks. I was given a tip that spraying the door seal with WD 40 on a regular basis was the favoured solution! Really technological !

It's the little things that surprise and annoy - the windscreen washer does not have the usual four strokes of "wipe" - you have to switch it on to the second speed, to get the screen cleared. The seat boxes are just too high for comfort. The noise levels in the cab were only partially cured by a noisekiller kit. The clock is obscured by the gearlever. The plastic shroud of the handbrake split when the handbrake was applied.I could go on ad infinitum. What is a potentially brilliant vehicle is, in my view, ruined by the base chassis. And note, I have not referred to the long running debate on the Sevel gearbox issue.

Murvi as a company seem to me to be very focussed on the quality and viability of their products. Phone calls to the factory were always courteously and helpfully answered. I find it surprising therefore that ina vehicle which apparently goes out of its way to be refined and luxurious, they use a chassis which appears to be so flawed.

It obviously works for many people, but if you're considering one, you need to spend a lot of time with it, to see if it suits you.

Title: Murvi Morello
Category: Hightop
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Mick Guy
Related Link: Murvi Website
Added: August 5th 2005
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Posted by: carol on 2007-07-06 12:08:33
My Score: Top of All
Actually I find your last comment strange. A Murvi is built to suit the original buyer..... he chooses the chassis (from those available at the time of build) and the chassis is something that Murvi can do nothing about - the new owner chooses the options they want to suit them....

So why blame Murvi for something that is beyond their control..... They build on the Mercedes Benz, Fiat and VW..... I don''t think they do a conversion on the Ford or Renault.....