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Winnebago Phasar, Le’sharo, Rialta

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Winnebago Phasar, Le’sharo, Rialta

Winnebago Phasar, Le’sharo, Rialta

Back in the late 70’s America was hit by a huge oil crisis, fuel prices rocketed and sales of large RV’s plummeted.

Winnebago (World leader in my opinion) came up with novel idea of importing economical European chassis cabs and fitting an alloy H body on the back, bit like a modern low profile only years ahead of the Europeans.

The 3 Models made were Winnebago Le’Sharo, its upmarket sister the Winnebago Itasca Phasar and latterly the Winnebago Rialta. Both the Le’Sharo and the Phasar were built on the trusty Renault Trafic, the early ones were Diesels but were seriously underpowered and suffered from poor reliability, these were soon replaced with the bullet proof 2.2i petrol engine from the Renault 25 mated to a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

The Renault based Winnebago’s were manufactured from approx 1984 – 1992 when they were replaced by the Rialta which was based on the new VW transporter with a trusty 2.5i 5 cylinder VW Audi engine mated to an automatic gearbox.

The amazing thing is that motorhome layout of the Le’Sharo and Phasar were so successful that they were carried over to the Rialta almost unchanged.

We have spent a lot of time in our 1987 Phasar this summer mainly on surfing trips to North Devon, Cornwall, and South Wales. We are a family of 4 and have found the layout very easy to live with. Walking in through the side door you will find yourself at the bar style galley, LPG gas hob, sink, under sink cupboard and cutlery drawer, little pull out work surface, a perfectly adequate little kitchen it has turned out to be. In front of you as you walk in is the RV’s secret weapon the famous Tardis, it is the toilet and shower and fold up washbasin, amazingly the whole room slides out across the van (internally) to give a reasonable size bathroom, lift the floor panel and you have a shower tray. Next to the WC is the decent size wardrobe. To your right at the front of the RV there are 4 very comfortable forward facing captains chairs all with armrests and the front two swivel around. The two passenger captains chairs fold ingeniously into either two single beds or a double. Looking to your left at the rear of the RV there is two comfortable sofa style seats which concertina down into a double bed. When they are as sofas there is also a table between them. There are plenty of aircraft style overhead lockers so storage for a smallish van is pretty good.

Outside is the LPG gas locker, this contains a large permanently fitted LPG cylinder which potentially could be used to dual fuel the RV. At the rear is a large locker for various nick nacks.

The RV has the usual fresh water tank and black water tank, it also has hook ups and city water connection.

Driving….. Wow, for an old vehicle this is excellent, P.A.S, Cruise control, automatic, aircon, stick it 60 sit back and relax, I imagine the VW Rialta to be even better.

As an interesting alternative to a Hymer the Winnebago Le’Sharo or Phasar or Rialta would be my bet every time, you also get lots of looks and lots of new friends because everyone wants to have a look.

Title: Winnebago Phasar, Le’sharo, Rialta
Category: American RVs
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Mark Edgecombe
Added: November 11th 2005
Viewed: 42695 Times
Score:Top of All
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Posted by: luckygal on 2010-07-20 18:07:55
My Score: Top of All

Just out of interest do you know of anywhere or anyone in UK who deals with used parts for my newly acquired Le sharo Itasca phasar. I am in desperate need of a back window!
as you are in the uk I thought you may know?


Posted by: goofy on 2007-07-25 18:10:50
My Score: Top of All
Hi I would like tocommunicate with the owner/writer of that article Winnebago. phaser, railato, le sharo
please communicate to
many thanks

Posted by: SarahM on 2007-07-16 00:45:09
My Score: Top of All
I just got a Le Sharo but can''t work out how to empty the black tank for the toilet. There doesn''t seem to be a pump...
Thanks for any help!