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Date: Sunday, December 30 @ 23:33:36 EST
Topic: Motorhome News

Successful Internet 'Swap Shops' have been established for many items e.g. books, DVDs, CDs, games etc. One category is missing - and the gap is crying out to filled. Are you one of those people who find an Ordnance Survey map an essential ingredient for the success of your stay in a particular area? If so, you will also be one of those people with a pile of maps that might never be used again. It would be great to have a friend with whom you could swap maps - but it would be quite a coincidence if he had the map you want - and wanted the map you have! That miracle friend, SWAPaMAP, is here! With SWAPaMAP you can list the Ordnance Survey maps you have for swapping. You are awarded 'Swap Points' for each map you list. If someone wants one of your maps you will be advised with their details. You post the map to them and, on confirmation of safe receipt, you receive 'Swap Points'. You want a map, so you browse the list of what is available and see it. Indicating you want that map, with the completion of a form, you 'buy' it with your 'Swap Points'. Your details go to the owner and the map is posted to you. In broad terms, for around 1.50, you get an Ordnance Survey map that retails at 6.50 plus - and, anyway, doesn't that pile of 'never to be used again' maps irritate you? You can check the inventory of maps available before you join. You will see that there are close on 500 maps ready for swapping. Check out www.swapamap.co.uk .

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