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Stolen Autohomes Wanderer Motorhome
Posted on Monday, November 07 @ 00:07:31 EST by nukeadmin
CommunityMy Autohomes Wander has been stolen and I am devastated. It was taken days before we were due to go on a family holiday. It was full of personal items and we are unfortunately underinsured. The police are not interested and we feel there is no hope of recovery.

Our van is easily identifiable. The most visible unique feature is that it has a Waeco air conditioner unit fitted. Not a standard item as you know. The external 'clincher' is two coach bolts on the side of the van beside the rear window on the driver's side (where I fitted a seat belt inside). If you or your other visitors see this please dial 999.

My advice to other owners (so that you do not suffer a similar loss) is to beef up your security. Do not assume your van is safe. We took all precautions (independent steering wheel lock and alarm) yet it was stolen from parked 20 feet away from under our open bedroom window! We suggest fit a tracker unit and additional immobiliser.

I hope that you can circularise our details to other Wanderer owners. This is our last hope of getting our van back. Regards Benny Sutton 0208 560 8618 [email protected] FULL DETAILS

Stolen with Autohomes Wanderer motorhome overnight on 8th/9th September 2005

Crime reference number: tx0523234/05

Insurance policy number: 13488909/00

Vehicle Reg: R581 MSS

Vehicle is on Peugeot chassis. It is the standard version of this conversion but with many custom improvements that make it unique.

External features:

Roof: Waeco air conditioning unit. Omni aerial. Angular grey painted steel roof rack on rear.

Several patched holes including four silicon filled holes where top box was once sited.

Rear: Fiamma 4 bike rack. High level dent top nearside corner. Small scrape on lower offside corner. Ladder that fouls the rear window

Nearside: Fiamma awning. There is a green stripe that should run length of vehicle but has been removed from side door

Offside: Coach bolt visible below rear offside window (where seat belt has been fitted inside)

Internal identifying features

There are several non-standard shelves we have fitted that make it easily identifiable. A battery voltage-gauge has been fitted beside the electrical panel.

An inverter has been fitted under the offside rear side seat that has a cable running to a 240V outlet on the nearside.

We fitted an oven in the cupboard under the hob and used the door we took off to make a drop down hinged worksurface.

A fire extinguisher has been fitted beside the side door.

A high level multi-drawer cupboard has been fitted above the rear nearside window.

Two speakers have been fitted in the high level cupboards.

Roof: This vehicle has had some roof problems and inside there is a new ceiling over previous one. 3 ceiling lights, 3 spots in corners. Carbon Dioxide alarm and burglar alarm.

Distinctive door blind only available in Europe of grey hanging 'fluffy' strands

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Re: Stolen Autohomes Wanderer Motorhome (Score: 1)
by robrace on Sunday, February 26 @ 21:48:59 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
not surprised Police not interested.I had my Travelhome stolen a few years ago.If it was'nt for the fact that I needed a Crime ref Nos I would'nt have bothered reporting it stolen.18mths ago I purchased a Motor home from a Dealer that has turned out to be a "ringed" vehicle.My subsequent dealings with the Police.DVLA.and the Insurence company to whom the vehicle belongs have been a nightmare.It is over 12 mths since I reported to the Police that i was of the opinion that the vehicle was a stolen one and we have still not resolved anything!.We are hoping in the next week to at least be in a position to purchase the vehicle from the Insurence Co for it's salvage value!The Police took a statement last August and informed me that they thought there was enough evidence to charge the Dealer with obtaining 12500 pounds by deception.It is now end of Feb!...