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2003 Niesmann and Bischoff Arto
2003 Niesmann and Bischoff Arto motorhome
Owned by val33
Updated 30/07/2010

2011 Adria MaxiVan
2011 Adria MaxiVan motorhome
Owned by lucky-1
Updated 13/07/2011

2001 Compass avantguard
2001 Compass avantguard motorhome
Owned by colonel
Updated 14/09/2015

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Watling Engineers Launches Free Motorhome Axle Loading simulator
Posted on Friday, September 14 @ 12:10:34 EDT by nukeadmin
Motorhome Newswatling writes "Watling Engineers are bespoke manufacturers of motorhome towbars and scooter/motorbike carriers with over 50 years experience in the towing industry. We are aware that many motorhome manufacturers build their products to fairly tight specifications, and this includes overall weight limits. As such, we often get asked if we think a particular motorhome will be able to cope with or bear the weight of additional products. Now this is easy if you are adding something to the middle of the van such as a roofbox or new watertank, but when you add a scooter rack and scooter to the back of the motorhome, complications occour. Because we want our customers to be safe and roadworthy when using our (or anybody elses) products, we have devised a formula for calculating safe axle loadings given the individual parameters of your motorhome. http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/motorhome_axle_loads.html

You see, you can't just add the weight of the scooter and rack to the overall weight of the van because the moment around the rear axle effects weight distribution. Very often, the overall weight of the unit may be within limits, but the rear axle can be significantly overloaded and therefore dangerous. The diagram and form below details the information we need to do this calculation and once it has been sent to us, we can quickly tell you your safe limits. This is a free service, but obviously we hope to sell you a towbar and scooter carrier in the process! http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/motorbike_scooter_carrier.html http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/motorhome_towbars.html Please fill in the relevant dimensions so that we can do the relevant calculations. We will then contact you by phone or e-mail with details of your safe working limits. Alternatively, if you are within an easy drive of us here in Hertfordshire, we are able to measure your axle loads (up to 2 tonnes) for you. There is a small 10 charge for this, but this is refundable if you purchase a motorhome towbar and/or Motorack from us. One Final Note: Please do take the time to get actual front and rear axle weights and not just use what is quoted in the manufacturers handbook, the difference is simetimes surprising! "

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