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As a motorhome company you know you get plenty of customers passing through your doors, buying, selling motorhomes / accessories / services and sampling pre and post sales service, but what you didnít know is that those same customers also discuss your service with 1,000s of others online on discussion websites?

A simple misunderstanding in your showroom / shop could lead to an unhappy customer posting on a chat forum to relay all to their virtual friends. With the speed of internet and social media this can then lead to tens of thousands of other potential customers reading their side of the situation. Motorhomefacts is the largest motorhome forum in Europe with over 72,000 members and >200,000 unique visitors monthly looking at the site. With over 16,000 posts a month (162,000 posts in the whole of 2010) being made on our site how can you possibly keep track of this and protect your brand?

Social media is fast paced and can work for you, or against you, potential sales leads can be missed easily if dedicated staff aren't reading community websites. A customer may be asking someone, at some time "Is there a motorhome dealer in X town" for instance, you could be replying to this and confirming customer service expectations from the onset, `IF` you knew the question had been asked.

Reading all those posts is time consuming in the extreme, time costs money and with the economy in the state it is, money is a resource that few have to spend.
Our BrandBooster that in a stroke offers instant notification if any of those circa 16,000 conversation snippets includes your company name or a product offering or indeed a specific phrase such as "motorhome dealer in X" where X could be a county name or town etc.

No more worries about negative press unbeknown to your company until itís too late. Now you can react immediately, mitigate comments if necessary and follow up on sales enquiries / leads with zero time spent researching.
Our inexpensive service allows you to license keywords or key phrases and receive instant email notification if any postings are made which include that content. This rapid reaction builds consumer confidence in your company and boosts your brand immeasurably.


Costings (per annum).
1 Keyword /Phrase Slot - £100.00
2 Keywords /Phrases Slots - £150.00
3 Keywords /Phrases Slots - £200.00
4 Keywords+ Phone for details.

Control Panel

One you have purchased Keyword slots you get access to a control panel whereby you can add and remove keywords / phrases at will allowing full control over which phrases to use and giving the ability to chase seasonal keywords

Brand Booster Control Panel

Interested ?

Due to the performance impact the keyword searches place on our site, we can only offer a limited number of keywords/phrases for use

If our Brand Booster Service is of interest and you wish to discuss further then please give us a call on 0800 0337288 Option 2 or Contact Us via Email and we can have your company Brand protected within minutes and you can continue trading worry free, safe In the knowledge that should your company be discussed you WILL know about it at the start and not at the finish once your reputation is in tatters. With a cost of as little as 27p a day you could be protecting your company name for the whole year !

Use the Service

To use the service you will need to purchase keyword slots, this can be done online at OutdoorBits or over the phone on 0800 0337288 Option 2.
Once the payment is made you will be up and running within 1 working day and be protected.

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