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Author: DollarYen PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:01 pm    Post subject:  

just popped out this morning and ordered a new BMW 320i M Sport touring in blue to ease the problem....

Confirmation i think of my view of this chap. Ladies and gentlemen i rest my case.

Author: Wytonknaus

Location: Wiltshire

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:29 pm    Post subject:  

Removed my post after thinking about it and reading pricey007 swift post about his dealer.

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Author: chrisgreen PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:49 pm    Post subject:  

i\ would love to hear the dealers side of this sorry tale?

Author: kevwright PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:06 pm    Post subject:  

Searching for Speedyone's other posts on here, it looks like (not 100% sure) its Marquis of Tewkesbury.

I have ot admit, when I saw the comment about "popping out" to order a BMW, I did think, "ah, a wind up", although now looking at his other threads, that seems most unlikely.

It does make one wonder what got cancelled in order to order the Motorhome Wink


Author: sallytrafic

Location: Salisbury

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:33 am    Post subject:  

Yes it was clear to me that this was not a wind up whatever DollarYen says. This guy has been asking questions about his intended purchase on here since November and even sang the praises of the sales staff.

Still we all know that selling and delivering what was bought are two different skills Smile

Author: Gixer-Mark

Location: Hereford, UK.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:40 am    Post subject:  

Ok ... to all you 'NON' believers ... I will name them ! I tried to cover this by saying I would mention them via an e.mail privately but some are not happy with this and want this so here goes .....

I really don't want to as this will only open a can of worms for people who have, I am sure, a good experience of our branch & others within the dealership.

However, this thread is about OUR own experience and to people who don't think we are telling the truth I will give just some of the examples of the incompetent's & rudeness off this dealership ! But after having several private PM,s mentioning the same company / other branches & being treated the same or worse, I am now willing to name if not shame.

The company is Marquis and the branch is Tewkesbury. Our salesman was Jonathan & the Manager is Justin.

To start with everything was great, very friendly atmosphere, so unlike Brownhills who we found very pushy, we chose to place the order through them last September.

Obviously once we left we had a few extra questions to ask once we had time to think. So we phoned up about, 1. Cruise ... 2. Upholstery ... 3. Factory Tow bar. This was over several weeks not all at once ... it culminated in the tow bar question. Jonathan clearly stated it was not possible to change the order ( he thought !! ) but when I nudged him that I had spoken to Swift .. he said ' OH ! Ok ' Left it with him to confirm order .. gave him my e.mail as well ... 1 week later still no reply. We wanted the tow bar so what do we do to confirm. Left a message for him to confirm ... still no answer.

Ok ... we popped up to the show at the NEC, came across Alan Buckwell from Marquis ( MD !! ) asked & did NOT complain why no answer ... told us he would sort it out. It took a week or so because of the show but he eventualy left a message on our phone to say all was done. This was NOT anyone from my branch by the way.

Left it til mid November then had a question about finance. Phoned Chris Archer from the finance department & explained our question ... told us he would get back ... didn't! Waited over the wkend ... still no phone call ... left a message on his answer phone ... still no reply. So started a thread on here about the problem and through advice from you contacted Mike Crouch via e.mail. Things happened & appologies came in thick n fast from everywhere !

Now, left any contact til Friday 4th Jan ( and some say we pestered them !!! ) phoned Justin at Tewkesbury ... asked re delivery date. Said he would phone back Monday, didn't ... we phoned Tuesday. Told they would let us know a date as soon as they knew.

Contacted Swift ( can't fault their customer service ... excellent ! ) asked myself re date, told a few days later from Kath Powell our delivery date. She then confirmed a few days later when the home was on the lorry. Still no contact from dealer. Left a few days so they had time to realise they had it, take into account it is only a small branch !!! Eventualy we phoned them and were then told " Oh! you M/Home is in" !!!!

Phew ... comin up for air !

Organised an appointment to sort finance out ( this had not been done yet ... not due to us ! ) & agreed a date of Monday 4th Feb at 10.am. Nicky my wife took the morning off work so we left Hereford in good time to be at Tewkesbury for 09.45 ( approx 50 min journey )

After sitting listening to Justins snowboard exploits, house flooding problems etc we put some points we had written down we wanted carried out / checked ( alarm changes, bike rack change etc etc ) things generally that could have been done over the phone. Now came the crunch ... Justin explained he was NOT FSA trained, Jonathan was off & Steve Riggs who is the finance manager had not turned up !!!! He phoned Steve who was stuck in traffic ( ??????????? )... this was at 10.45 & said he will be an hour or so. As we had to be back in Hereford for 13.00 we left at 11.00 no further knowing if we could get finance or not ! Take into account we had agreed a finance appointment with Justin for 10 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry to go on .. you lot asked for it !

After several days and no call ... I phoned the branch ... still no answer. Now about the 10th Feb, due to pick up M/Home 03 March .... little worried so contacted Steve at his office. Things started to move but heard nothing for a few days so phoned him again ... no answer ... so left a message to call us. Didn't ! Phoned again then asked by Steve to supply 3 mnth Bank statements. This I did via special next day delivery & asked him to let me know as soon as he took delivery. Checked at 14.00 next day via Royal Mail & item had been delivered that morning ... so ... phoned Steve ... apologetic he had not phoned but said he had rx'ed them & will fax to Bank of Scotland & send back same day ... this he did.

Ok, weekend went by .... Monday ... Tuesday .... Wednesday .... Thursday ...call in the afternoon to be told they have LOST our bank statements faxed over to the bank ( MMM ID Fraud now to worry about ! ) .... reason for delay ...... and as copies were taken by the branch they will re send. !!! ( NO I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP !!! ) Phoned by Bank of Scotland about 16.25 to be offered the finance ... monthly payments were higher than expected but Ok. Steve phoned at 17.25 to tell us news ... told him about higher payments and he told us as we had been accepted by B of Scot ... he fired it a Lloyds Bank & they have the payments we originally agreed at point of sale!!!!

So ... left it til Wednesday 27th til we contacted Tewkesbury & asked to come over & sign docs ready for collection of M/Home Monday ... this I did but whilst looking at M/Home on site it was apparent all the wiring was open around the dash. The electrical guy ( Martyn ) was there so spoke to him & he said it was just finishing off the alarm. So left happy all was ready for collection Monday.

Nicky had by the way, booked Monday of WITHOUT pay as she had no holidays left.

Took my son to football Saturday morning, arrived home about 11.45 to meet Nicky on our doorstep looking ashen white. As her Grandad is unwell I feared the worse but then was told ... "we can't pick up on Monday ... management light come on" !

As I own a Benelli TRE sportsbike, the weather was dry, I decided to 'pop' over to Tewkesbury to find out face to face the problem ( Don't like sorting thing out via tel ) so asked Jonathan to a private conversation to clear the air as my 'complaint' last year re the tow bar appeared to have soared the salesman / customer relationship. We both had points, the air was cleared & was told they had only had the problem when they moved the home Saturday morning for cleaning. He assured me it will go to Fiat Gloucester 1st thing Monday, probably a 're-boot' and back by 11. Left feeling confident air was cleared & things all Ok.

Monday heard nothing so being a little excited phoned up early at 10.30 ... to be told by Justin .... '' No chance of M/Home .... going in as we speak'' ! I mentioned '1st thing NOT being midday ... told he knew nothing about it as he had been in Sweden Thurs / Fri at a funeral '' !!

Plot thickens ... I decided to phone Fiat direct to find out the problem ... was then told by their sevice dept the M/Home had been booked in LAST WEEK for Monday AFTERNOON. I then phoned Justin who assured me he would get back in the next 10 mins .... 3 hrs later & at 17.25 he phoned to say '' Only just been able to get hold of Fiat, on the diagnostic machine now & will phone you by 10 am tomorrow''! ( Tues ) I can pick up the phone at ANY time and get through ... strange it takes him 3 hrs !

10.30 came ... so at 11.00 decided to phone Peter at Fiat who explained the M/Home came in on Monday around 13.00 into there compound to be processed Tuesday afternoon to find out the problem. He also mentioned Dave ( workshop Manager ) was currently 'Booking' home in. Nicky then phoned Justin to ask what / why no call at 10.am to be met by a load of lies ... she stopped him mid flow to explain we had been onto Fiat and had been told the above ... the line went VERY quiet !!! Told us he would phone back in 15 mins.

Now being really peaved off I decided to phone the main Marquis HQ at Southampton to speak to Alan Doherty direct. Spoke to Sharron Fernns ( PA to GM ) who tried his line but '' sorry ... it's busy ... I will get him to phone you ASAP though'' ! By the way .. we had sent an e.mail to Mike Crouch earlier to ask to phone us ASAP.

Now .... some 3 or 4 hrs later ( NOT 15 mins ) Justin phoned me to say Fiat will have an answer Thursday afternoon ( this being Tuesday ) in his words '' It is NOT something we have done'' ! ( meaning fitment of alarm etc ) of what he was really pleased. He said it was a wiring loom fault, the whole loom has to replaced & he will let us Know Thursday afternoon when it will be able to be done. This is on a Brand new 50,000.00 M/Home we were expected to take delivery of !

I NOW hit the bloody roof ( having stayed calm and polite and rational over the past few months ! ) and lost it with Justin demanding to know when the hell we could eventualy have the M/Home ? I also explained we have holidays booked with the home etc but all to no avail. The 15 min conversation ended in him saying '' Well Mr Shaw ... where can we go from here'' ? When I asked 'What do you mean ' his reply .... ''I am prepared on this occasion to cancel the order & refund your deposit'' ! Totally gobsmacked my relpy .... ' Fine .. do it ' .... phone slammed down by me !

Ok ... I am near the end of the thread now ..... it ended with Nicky being upset ... me VERY angry over our treatment ... & hopefully our deposit back yesterday.

I really am sorry to have put such a long somewhat boring explanation of our experience with buying a M/Home .. all the above is 100% true ( I am not on here 'making this up for attention' as someone has mentioned ! ) I work 12 1/2 hr night shifts & have stayed up to write this ... I am very tired due to work & past few days disappointments but am determined to get across to some very harsh commented people on here that we have NEVER been pushy, have tried our best to let things sort themselves out but in the end it was just not going to happen.

The relationship between Marquis Tewkesbury & us had all but gone, there was no way we wanted the M/Home now so in a way ... they answered our prayers by offering our deposit back. We are almost certain if we had asked to cancel ourselves ( something Justin was obviously pushing for ) then we would not have had our deposit returned . Also very surprised a branch manager had the authority to cancel an order so quickly ... me thinks Mr Doherty may be lurking in this story somewhere !

To sum this all up ... if the above is our fault ...what the heck! We have purchased 2 new caravans & 3 new cars over the past 5 or 6 yrs and NEVER been treated this way! We have had a terrible experience ... we started this thread for general advice to ask what to do next & in the end things took there own journey. On deep reflection we are now glad this happened, had we taken delivery & needed to go back with a problem ... despite what Justin / Jonathan said re '' no hard feelings held to any customers '' we are sure there would have been ... and judging by some PM's from other readers exactly the same has happened to them at OTHER Marquis branches.

We are not a stupid couple, very sensible in fact ! We are well aware things go wrong with vehicles, but if they had told the truth instead of telling 'white - lies ' and been up front & honest, whilst being severely disappointed of having to have to wait, we would have done! Problem was in the end the lies, the other things in the past & generally very bad comms has made us happy this has ended the way it did.

As for the new BMW .( Sorry KevWright re your comment, we are comfortably off .. not rich ... so didn't need to cancel anything in ''order to order the M/Home'' in your words ! LOL !! ) .. wife has an 06 1 series ... decided to swap for a 3 series tourer as this will be our new 'Holiday Home' .... taking Nicky, Ben, Poppy ( our black Lab ) & myself away on hols .............. TaTa

Please remember ... this is OUR story of treatment by Marquis Motorhomes ... we are sure they have very many happy customers. Also please take note ... this is NOT a personnel dig at Jonathan / Justin or Marquis ... I am more than capable of sorting problems face to face .. this is here so I hope they / Marquis may take note ... make the effort to change and reap the obvious rewards. I am a little concerned that they do have the MMM award for good customer dealership 2008 .... mind boggles !!! LOL !!!

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Author: rowley

Location: Chesterfield

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:54 am    Post subject:  

Speedyone, that is terrible. Now we can understand why you were so irate. Why don't you think again and stay in the fraternity? I am sure a Dealer like John's Cross would give you a much more pleasant buying experience.
I am really sorry about your present experience.

Odd that a loom fault should only show up after the alarm fit though???

Author: DollarYen PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:01 am    Post subject:  

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.

Author: some-where-in-oxford

Location: Oxfordshire

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:07 am    Post subject:  

When you order a new motorhome only to find all of the above things to go wrong, it would take a lot of faith in another dealer to want to place another order.

Hopefully such a dealer will be found and Speedyone will one day have a motorhome that he is happy with and able to go away with his family and have a relaxing break, after all we all buy motorhomes to get away from everyday stress and be able to unwind.

Wish you luck for the future mate, hope our paths cross one day.

Author: cneate

Location: Bradenstoke,Wiltshire

PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:48 am    Post subject:  

'When you order a new motorhome only to find all of the above things to go wrong, it would take a lot of faith in another dealer to want to place another order'.

This is the crux of the matter. When we recently had a very bad experience with a dealer, it did not put us off MHing....it just made us wary of buying from a dealer. When they feed you a pack of lies you become disillusioned & unable to trust them. It is a real shame that Speedy has given up on MHing but totally understandable given the circumstances.

Sounds like a few apologies might be required from some on here?

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