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Motorhome security system
Posted on Tuesday, August 04 @ 21:42:49 EDT by nukeadmin
outsmart writes "
MOTORHOME DEFENDER by Outsmart the Thief

Imagine the scenario that not only your keys but your treasured motorhome have been stolen. You make a single phone call and your motorhome is located and the thieves are stopped in their tracks by Remote Control! You would be excused for thinking that is pure fiction. However, the Motorhome Defender combined Alarm and Tracker by Outsmart the Thief does just that...and more!

Due to sophisticated vehicle security, most vehicles are now stolen using the owners’ keys. With the Motorhome Defender the monitoring station will track the stolen vehicle and, in liaison with the police, will be able to send a signal to the ‘black box’ to switch off the engine. Even with the keys, the engine will not restart.

And yet this valuable asset represents only the tip of the iceberg as far as the feature-packed state-of-the-art Motorhome Defender is concerned.


So what makes this system stand out in the crowd of alarms and trackers?

• The Defender is purpose built for the job and incorporates superior features to pre-empt known methods of entry or theft

• It is a combined alarm and tracking system that works in harmony

• Remote access to control alarm status, activate siren and disable engine
• It attracts discounts from leading industry insurance companies

• It has TUV accreditation, is CE approved and has gained the top Gold award from Sold Secure

• The Defender holds a 100% stop and recovery success rate.

From the outset, Defender provides a Geo-Fence to protect the motorhome which will set off the alarm if the ‘van is moved outside the set perimeter. There are two intelligent self-levelling Tilt Sensors which can detect any movement along or across the vehicle.

The habitation door is fitted with a wireless door contact which can also be fitted to other doors/lockers. Cab doors use the existing contacts. Even the vehicle battery is protected by a Battery Tamper and Low Battery alert.

Attention to detail is provided when arming the system. Using the rolling-coded key fob, the two beeps for ON and three beeps for OFF are silent. On the subject of setting the alarm, should you forget to do so and are away from your motorhome, a single call to the Control Centre will see the alarm set. The system has an incredibly low drain of less than 8 milliamps.

Inside you are further protected by the optional PIR detector which incorporates a lock out feature to prevent false alarms. A Night/Pet setting can also be set to allow you to sleep with the system armed.

Should the thief manage to gain access, the team at the Control Centre will contact you and then follow strict procedures to recover the vehicle if it is moved.

The Defender is monitored 24-hours a day throughout the year and is tracked providing precise location immediately the alarm is triggered. Information on which sensor has been activated is also provided
If the thief locates the ‘black box’ or disables the battery, without the key-fob the vehicle will not start. However, if the thief has stolen your keys and drives away, the monitoring station will be able to track its every movement by using the Defender’s Roaming Sim card which provides excellent tracking coverage throughout Europe and in the UK.

At this stage the Defender’s piece de resistance comes to the fore. The Remote Access facility will allow the monitoring station to stop the vehicle’s engine using the ‘Safe Stop’ feature. This will prevent the motorhome from being driven any further. It can also control the alarm.

Full Package

The Defender can be used throughout the UK and forty European countries, is transferable from one vehicle to another and comes with a 2-years parts and labour warranty.

Supplied and fitted for £649 while monitoring costs £95 p.a. or £395 for five years. The Control Centre and 24-hour Helpline offers 20 years experience and Free Expert Advice.

For owners with a suitable alarm already fitted to their motorhome there is the Defender Tracker, which can be fitted in conjunction with the existing alarm for £495 fitted. This will still allow the Safe Stop feature to be used.

Substantial insurance discounts are offered by Safeguard, Caravan Guard, Shield, Towergate and other leading insurance companies.

Outsmart the Thief specialises in the sales, support and service of market leading security products for the Motorhome & Caravan market. Their nationwide fitters can fit the latest security technology at your home or work.

Outsmart the Thief Ltd


tel:08702 606060

direct dial 01751 430482

[email protected]"

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