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Posted on Wednesday, July 14 @ 08:17:42 EDT by robadmin
Communityglospete writes "


TyrePal has introduced a system which will enable you to wirelessly monitor all your tyre pressures from your driving seat. Not only does this mean that you won’t have to get your hands dirty to do it but more importantly you can continuously monitor this vital function. TyrePal systems are available to give this information for a 4 wheel car, single and twin-axle caravans and all types of motorhomes and RVs including 6-wheelers with a TOAD (towed vehicle).

All the units in the range use valve-cap sensors to transmit accurate pressure and temperature data to the display in the cab. Likely to be the most popular version is the TD2200-AX06 which can monitor up to 6 tyres, so a car and a 2-wheel caravan can both be monitored, a 4-wheel motorhome (with spare wheel) or alternatively a twin-axle caravan (with spare wheel).

Installation takes approximately five minutes – there’s no need to remove the tyres, no wiring and generally no need to even re-balance the wheels. Simply screw the lightweight sensors onto your tyre valves in place of the normal caps, fit the anti-theft collars if required and position the monitor in view of the driver.

Pressures up to 180psi (12 bar) can be monitored and accuracy is ±3 psi, displayed in psi, bar or kPa. The display can be configured for the layout of the monitored 6 tyres – either for a car and 2-wheel caravan, a twin-axle caravan (plus spare) or 4-wheel motorhome (plus spare wheel). 

The TD2200-AX06 continuously displays pressure for each tyre and gives audible and visual alerts for low pressure or high temperature. A backlight is provided for night driving. Power for the monitor can be from two internal AA batteries or from the vehicle’s 12V power supply by means of the supplied power cord. Lithium batteries in the valve-cap sensors last for 1-2 years and are replaceable.

TyrePal is also introducing the TD1200-AX04 for vehicles with up to 4 wheels – for example a caravan and its spare wheel, or a 4-wheel motorhome. This unit also monitors up to 180psi (12 bar). TyrePal also sells the TD1000-AX for cars and other vehicles with monitoring up to 60psi (4 bar).

TyrePal will soon have another system (TD2000) for monitoring  8 or 10 wheels – ideal for a car plus twin-axle caravan or 6-wheel  motorhomes with a TOAD (towed vehicle). This system incorporates a relay to capture and transmit the signal to the cab monitor – necessary because of the longer distances involved.

The TyrePal TD2200-AX06 is available now and costs £287.88 including VAT. The TD1200-AX04 costs £229.13 including VAT. Order online or get further information at www.tyrepal.co.uk.


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Re: Stolen Autohomes Wanderer Motorhome (Score: 1)
by robrace on Sunday, February 26 @ 21:48:59 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
not surprised Police not interested.I had my Travelhome stolen a few years ago.If it was'nt for the fact that I needed a Crime ref Nos I would'nt have bothered reporting it stolen.18mths ago I purchased a Motor home from a Dealer that has turned out to be a "ringed" vehicle.My subsequent dealings with the Police.DVLA.and the Insurence company to whom the vehicle belongs have been a nightmare.It is over 12 mths since I reported to the Police that i was of the opinion that the vehicle was a stolen one and we have still not resolved anything!.We are hoping in the next week to at least be in a position to purchase the vehicle from the Insurence Co for it's salvage value!The Police took a statement last August and informed me that they thought there was enough evidence to charge the Dealer with obtaining 12500 pounds by deception.It is now end of Feb!...