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Motorhome Garage

2002 Burstner A747 2 active
2002 Burstner A747 2 active motorhome
Owned by inkey-2008
Updated 07/02/2012

2007 Dethleffs Globe Trotter XXL
2007 Dethleffs Globe Trotter XXL motorhome
Owned by TJ101
Updated 09/03/2012

1997 Granduca The Pig
1997 Granduca The Pig motorhome
Owned by mrlobby
Updated 18/10/2011

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Latest Updated
2012 Pilote Explorateur 742LGJE Diamond Edition
Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:04 am
Owner: rws4711
2011 Autotrail Mohawk
Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:36 pm
Owner: trevorf
2001 Compass avantguard
Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:34 pm
Owner: colonel
2011 Swift Bolero 680FB
Fri May 29, 2015 9:38 am
Owner: murga100
1985 Autotrail Apache
Sun May 17, 2015 10:36 am
Owner: Antonia

C.A.K Tanks
Business Name : C.A.K Tanks
Address : Aqua House Princes Drive Industrial Estate Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 2FD
Telephone No. : 0844 414 2324
Fax No. : 0844 414 2425
Website : http://www.caktanks.co.uk/
E-mail : [email protected]
Opening Hours :
Rating : 63 Out Of 120
Latest Customers To Use This Business
Owner Motorhome Modification Purchase Rating Product Rating Price
peedee 2001 Autotrail Mohican Waste hose and fittings 0 0 26
spider1 2004 CI Caravans International carioca 656 Battaery Manager 0 0 22
spider1 2004 CI Caravans International carioca 656 Manual changeover guage & bottle pigtails 0 0 40
tviall 2008 Autotrail Chieftain G gaslow auto changeover 10 0 50
tviall 2008 Autotrail Chieftain G Garage lighting 0 0 20
JockandRita 1999 Hymer E690 Battery Manager 10 0 0
Roger7webster 2003 Rapido 962M install electric water heater 9 0 210
Roger7webster 2003 Rapido 962M Gaslow refillable system 10 0 300
locrep 2008 Fiat Ducato xlwb Waste water tank 7 0 138
rtaff 1996 Autosleeper Duetto Waste water pipe 0 0 10
j50jwr 2014 Pilote Aventura G600LA Fit 2 mains and 1 12volt power sockets 8 0 30
trevorf 2011 Autotrail Mohawk Electric waste dump valve 9 0 65
peedee -> 3 metres 40mm hose with bayonet fittings to allow waste discharge when it is not possible to get close to the emptying point.
spider1 -> Battery manager, allows cab battery to charge when on hook up as well as leisure battery, off hook up, if leasure battery drops below 12.6v, the unit disconnects from cab battery
spider1 -> dual bottle valve with pressure guage, allows cylinder changeover without disconnecting.
tviall -> Garage needed a light accessible from the interior door. So a simple 20LED switchable light was fixed just inside the door powered by an additional 12v socket installed by the dealer
JockandRita -> Transfers excess charging of leisure batteries from solar, alternator and mains charger, over to starter battery, thereby preventing a flat starter battery due to live alarm system.
Roger7webster -> As we have only truma gas waterblown air heating we decided to fit a seperate 22 litre 800w water heater. There is loads of space in the garage and it seems to be a better option than the truma 400 watt heating collar that was more expensive
Roger7webster -> Filling fitting fitted inside gas locker.
locrep -> Waste water tank, fixing kit cheap & nasty, also J bolts are useless as they do not fit anywhere.
trevorf -> 40mm electric valve fitted with "T" connector to waste tank outlet. Two way rocker switch fitted in cab so waste can be dumped without getting out of van and hands dirty.

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