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Motorhome Garage

2005 Swift sundance 600s
2005 Swift sundance 600s motorhome
Owned by MrGadjet
Updated 15/05/2013

2004 IH Campers Savannah Irmao
2004 IH Campers Savannah Irmao motorhome
Owned by Ketvrin
Updated 04/11/2011

2008 Autotrail 740D 6 Speed Manual
2008 Autotrail 740D 6 Speed Manual motorhome
Owned by WhiteCheyenneMan
Updated 27/09/2011

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Latest Updated
2012 Pilote Explorateur 742LGJE Diamond Edition
Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:04 am
Owner: rws4711
2011 Autotrail Mohawk
Mon Sep 12, 2016 4:36 pm
Owner: trevorf
2001 Compass avantguard
Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:34 pm
Owner: colonel
2011 Swift Bolero 680FB
Fri May 29, 2015 9:38 am
Owner: murga100
1985 Autotrail Apache
Sun May 17, 2015 10:36 am
Owner: Antonia

Business Name : B&Q
Address : Chain of National Stores
Telephone No. :
Fax No. :
Website : http://www.diy.com/diy/jsp/
E-mail :
Opening Hours :
Rating : 39 Out Of 150
Latest Customers To Use This Business
Owner Motorhome Modification Purchase Rating Product Rating Price
peedee 2001 Autotrail Mohican Flat Screen TV mount 0 0 48
peedee 2001 Autotrail Mohican Exta 13amp socket 0 0 5
Vennwood 2005 Niesmann and Bischoff Flair 8000iL Imitation wood block flooring 8 0 25
peedee 2001 Autotrail Mohican Additonal Shelving 0 0 10
StAubyns 2006 Dethleffs A54 2 3 pin power sockets 9 0 30
Vennwood 2005 Niesmann and Bischoff Flair 8000iL Fitted new shelves and divider in lockers 0 0 35
Vennwood 2005 Niesmann and Bischoff Flair 8000iL 240v ring main to inverter 5 0 75
olley 2004 Winnebago Brave 30W Air Vents 7 0 5
olley 2004 Winnebago Brave 30W 12v power supply to Macerator 0 0 20
Ifor 2006 Reimo Toscan new bigger high level locker 5 0 10
Ifor 2006 Reimo Toscan double glaze side and rear window 5 0 50
Ifor 2006 Reimo Toscan home made silver screens 0 0 40
tattytony 2011 Autotrail comanche Cupboard Safe 0 0 78
pandalf 2008 Adria Twin Folding shelf in kitchen area 0 0 0
pandalf 2008 Adria Twin Bedside shelf 0 0 0
peedee -> Under the shelf swivelling mount for safely hanging a flat screen TV. The mount allows the TV to be folded up out of the way and can be tilted and rotated to suit the viewing position. Securely mounted the TV can be left in any position for travelling or can be easily removed for storage.
peedee -> Fit surface mounted 13amp socket in the luton to provide a mains outlet at the front of the van mainly to allow suspended mains light to illuminate the cab area.
Vennwood -> Self adhesive wood block tiles to allow us to remove the carpets in wet weather.
peedee -> Fitting of additional plywood shelving to three cupboards and an open rack to the wardrobe to improve storage for smaller items.
StAubyns -> 2 3 pin sockets and aerial socket
Vennwood -> Installed separate ring main of 5 sockets all linked in to Sterling 2500W inverter to replace original extension leads
olley -> Two air vents fitted into a side locker where extra batteries have been fitted, to prevent build up of gas.
olley -> Dedicated 12v electrical supply run in 4msq cable from the batteries to the wet locker, to power the macerator. Fused at 20amps at the battery. Cable is run inside flexible conduit.
Ifor -> Made a bigger high level locker. The old one was very small and took very little. New ones 4 cm higher and 4 cm deeper makes all the differance.
Ifor -> Made removable persplex windows for side door window and rear window. Just atach them on for the winter with Velcro. Can get some condensation issues.
Ifor -> Home made interior silver screens for windscreen, two front side windows sliding side door window and rear window. made from reflective buble wrap. Attached with velcro.
tattytony -> Fits into cupboard above tv area, 8mm matching grain panel made to fit under coach bolts to hide incase of theives.
pandalf -> Home-made (but great looking!) folding shelf that extends kitchen worktop. B&Q "Cherry" kitchen furniture is a near perfect match for Adria twin internal fittings!
pandalf -> Home made shelf by bed to provide storage for books, coffee mug etc. B&Q Cherry pattern is a near perfect match for existing internal furniture in van.

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