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2009 Roller Team 600G
2009 Roller Team 600G motorhome
Owned by marv2097
Updated 14/03/2009

2010 Burstner Aviano I728g
2010 Burstner Aviano I728g motorhome
Owned by weebill
Updated 07/05/2011

2009 Rapido 999M
2009 Rapido 999M motorhome
Owned by MalanCris
Updated 27/11/2009

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1994 Nu Venture Orwell 2
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Itís a nu-venture 1994 2.5 Isuzu diesel engine on a Vauxhall Brava pick up converted in 1996 by ne venture and done 110 000 miles. Not very cool and certainly not very fast but the other half and I love her. We have done 4000 mile in the 5 months we have had it. We have an old coach house and chose this model because it would go in well only just ,infact we had to have the back roof vent taken out to give us a few extra inches clearance.
The jobs I have done so far are
1. Painted full front end doors bonnet ect with Synthetic coach paint £30.
2. Welding on the front cross member (just saved it in time) it had already been welded before but not very good and wasnít sealed properly. £60 (mates rates) I did all the donkey work first.
3. Oil change/oil filter fuel filter, always the first jobs I do on any motor.
4. Timing belt change, took it to a garage for this one £280
5. Under sealed with red oxide £20 for tin and lots of late nights scraping. Red oxide was recommended by a mechanic. Donít know what other members think? Said that it bites in better than normal underseal.Canít get in a few places like behind the fuel tank. Any ideas would be appreciated.
5. Changed radiator hoses while rad was out for welding £40.
6. Hot water heater packed up so got a new truma rapid installed £400

Next job is a 12v TV any ideas on makes and prices would be welcome.
I am no mechanic but donít mind doing jobs myself to save a bit of cash.i hope there are a few people with Nu Ventures on this site as I know there are not many about and it would be nice to share ideas ect.
Motorhome 1994 Nu Venture Orwell 2
Engine Type 4 Cylinder Forced Induction
Updated Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:16 pm
Mileage 110000 Miles
Purchased Price 4300 GBP
Total Mods 0
Total Spent 0 GBP
Total Views 5868
Rating 7.93 / 10
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otter1142: Hi SNAP! Just got an identical Orwell 2. We like it very much indeed so ...
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