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2007 Mc Louis Tandy 633G
2007 Mc Louis Tandy 633G motorhome
Owned by Stanner
Updated 25/09/2011

2002 Ace Milano
2002 Ace Milano motorhome
Owned by Jumbocruiser
Updated 20/11/2011

2005 Autocruise Starblazer SL
2005 Autocruise Starblazer SL motorhome
Owned by TR5
Updated 22/04/2013

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Stolen Motorhomes Database

UK Stolen Motorhomes Database

Is your motorhome Secure ? Read our guide to Motorhome security nowStolen Motorhome database
The Stolen Motorhome database was created in response to members asking for a facility whereby motorhomes that have been stolen in the UK Could be tracked.

If you have information relating to a Stolen Motorhome then please add it to our stolen motorhome database

If you are unsure what to do in the event that your motorhome is stolen then read our Guide

There are a few simple measures that you can take to try and prevent someone taking your pride and joy and turning it into a stolen motorhome statistic as follows:-

Stolen Motorhomes PreventionIf you intend to leave your motorhome unattended for any length of time then make sure that all windows are securely locked, roof lights and all external doors / lockers are secure including the cassette toilet door.

A simple cheap ratchet luggage webbing strap can be utilised between the cab door handles (or alternatively in its absence the seatbelt could possibly be looped through the handle and into its normal fixing point), this prevents a potentially easy access point being utilised in the event of the door locks being forced / overcome.

As the majority of motorhomes are based on commercial vehicle chassis the cab security especially from the door locks can be a problem. This can be overcome with the fitting of such devices as the range of addon locks from HeoSafe.
These locks fit around the existing locks with no drilling and are exceptionally easy to fit and give visible and physical detterents. They can also be obtained from Outdoor Bits HERE

Windscreen etching kits can be used and the registration number of your motorhome can be permanently embedded in the glass, making your motorhome less likely to be stolen

Wheel clamps could also be considered as a suitably visible deterrent such as the range available on Outdoor Bits website Click HERE to view the range of SAS Wheelclamps. Wheelclamps for use on a motorhome can be purchased and utilised or similar devices such as drive way parking post bars

Or alternatively you could fit other Internal visible deterrents such as steering locks, clutch locks and products of this type.

Of course the simplest deterrent to theft is the fitting of a specialist motorhome quality alarm system such as the Strikeback-T Motorhome Alarm
Or even that one step further on by fitting a tracking system so that in the event your motorhome does get stolen there is a greater likelyhood that it will be recovered and returned to you such as the RAC Trackstar

When parking up, take a look around, is anyone paying a little too much attention to your van ? They could be part of a team i.e. One person follows you doing your supermarket shop whilst the other goes through your belongings in the van or even makes off with your now stolen motorhome, they can communicate quickly and easily with the ubiquitous mobile phones without raising suspicion.

All of the above is not intended to reduce your love of the motorhome experience, but simply to make sure you are forewarned and prepared for eventualities.

Stop Motorhomes being stolenAll of these steps when used in conjunction with common sense will hopefully prevent your motorhome becoming a statistic of our stolen motorhome database !!!.

Recently Added Stolen Motorhomes

Click Manufacturer name to show full details on each Stolen Motorhome. Most recently stolen motorhomes are shown at the top
ManufacturerModelTypeRegistrationTownDate Stolen
BurstnerIXEO IT 734Camper VansXF16ACM31/10/2016
RimorBlueCamp Sky 500CoachbuiltHY10 AWH17/06/2016
chausson flash 22Coachbuiltfj12ahnWorksop04/02/2016
SwiftsundanceCoachbuiltSP04 JBELIVINGSTOIN13/09/2014
Autotrail700 SECoachbuiltHX56 UAHSkipton02/01/2014
GlendaleCoachbuiltIAZ 2359Bilston13/10/2012
IH TIO RLCamper VansRV58 LHYcastleford05/09/2012
IH TIO RLCamper VansRV58 LHYcastleford05/09/2012
IH TIO RLCamper VansRV58 LHYcastleford05/09/2012
IH TIO RLCamper VansRV58 LHYcastleford05/09/2012
MasterCamper VansBG03ZFDSolihull09/07/2012
BurstnerNexxo t660Low ProfileFX09BNDHenlow18/05/2012
VW T4 HoldsworthCamper VansK796CEF13/04/2012
AutotrailScoutA Class0UO AUT21/02/2012
AutoSleepervw trooperPop Topl903hvvliverpool28/11/2011
Swiftroyale 540CoachbuiltK722 KYCslough24/02/2011
EldissautostratusCoachbuiltp950 eau25/11/2010
EldissAutostratusCoachbuiltN943 EMA20/11/2010
AutohomesTravelhomeCoachbuiltH168 YGUCarshalton11/10/2010
Bedford CFCamper VansLUF 63WCroydon02/09/2010
DucatoCamper VansE467 MEU22/03/2010
DucatoCamper VansE467 MEUTottenham, London22/03/2010
HymerCAMP 55CoachbuiltF398 TRKSURBITON14/11/2009
compass drifter 360 CoachbuiltM522 UNNBristol04/10/2009
SwiftVW SWIFT ROYALE 550CoachbuiltL957 RETCHORLEY22/08/2009
AdriaIZOLA 687Low ProfileWAO6 EZNBLACKPOOL04/08/2009
AutohomesTravelhomeCoachbuiltNJZ 9957Warrenpoint04/07/2009
AutohomesLandlinerCoachbuiltJ770 AUB13/06/2009
mercedesbenz 508dCamper VansYKN 38S20/04/2009
mercedesbenz 508dCamper VansYKN 38SLONDON20/04/2009
AutoSleepertrooperCamper VansL851LSXSouthampton09/02/2009
SwiftcapriCoachbuiltg141 rvolondon31/12/2008
SwiftcapriCoachbuiltg141 rvolondon31/12/2008
AutoSleeperTransit 80 SWBCamper VansM817 JGA23/10/2008
HymerC644 CampCoachbuiltP992 EABCambrils, Spain.21/10/2008
Winnebagoitasca phaserAmerican RVRJI 248903/10/2008
DucatoCamper VansY534 HWJ04/07/2008
AutoSleeperDuettoHigh TopN504 YKKBentley16/06/2008
Autotrailapache 700seCoachbuiltT2 LUTshrewsbury21/04/2008
ABC Bus CompaniesChausson Welcome 85Low ProfileKX07 TGF25/01/2008
AutoSleeperTopazHigh TopL128 KGM29/11/2007
compass drifter 460Coachbuiltn832 aramanchester20/09/2007
Caravans International (CI)carioca 15Low Profileyvo3sknchesterfield08/08/2007
Autohomestravel home MK4CoachbuiltF698NTPReading16/11/2006
Holdsworth Villa XLHigh TopL677 LHEStockport12/10/2006
Laikaecovip 1rLow ProfileT973 CLP02/06/2006
CoachmanTalbot ExcaliburCoachbuiltA990 YFT20/05/2006
BenimarEurope 6000STCoachbuiltT793 BNNLondon20/05/2006
Eldissautostrous EKCoachbuiltR657UCH12/05/2006
Compass Drifter 460CoachbuiltM854 VCHLondon N2108/05/2006
BessacarrE425CoachbuiltW603 SNGgrantham02/05/2006
SwiftGAZELLE F63CoachbuiltW589XLG24/04/2006
AutoSleeperHarmonyCoachbuiltN981 JUMRushdown20/03/2006
Caravans International (CI)Carioca 656CoachbuiltGK04 CVDEnfield03/03/2006
SwiftKon Tiki 640CoachbuiltP497 JYCYate20/02/2006
EldissCoachbuiltP966 JAUCoventry10/02/2006
AutoSleeperTrooperHigh TopF110YELLancaster01/01/2006
Granduca PegasoCoachbuiltR31TRAOldbury02/12/2005
SwiftRoyale 610CoachbuiltN164 WHN20/10/2005
AutohomesWandererCoachbuiltR581 MSSBrentford09/09/2005
AutoSleeperbedfordCoachbuiltSHA 294W20/09/2004
AutoSleepercCmpass DrifterCoachbuiltP591 0CVSwindon06/12/2003
EldissAutostratusD26 LYAPerth06/02/2003
Camper VansL 761 SLG
BessacarrE425High TopW603 SNGgrantham
drifterCoachbuiltM136 UAU
Caravans International (CI)Autoroller ArabellaCoachbuiltY87CGC
Herald Squire 400 RLCoachbuilt
EldisscustomCamper VansG804 UCUChester le Street
LunarlandstarCoachbuiltS362 LCKPRESTON
LunarLANDSTARCoachbuiltS362 LCKpreston
HymerVW T4 CaliforniaCamper VansM 730 MYXLondon
AutoSleeperDuettoHigh TopM885SRNBarnoldswick
ace ducatoCoachbuiltgx02 0vr
AutotrailscoutCoachbuiltV766 DCHStockport
dodge 50Demountablek984 srkGreenford
Sprinter 313High TopBD03 WFC
Eldissautoquest 400 classiCoachbuiltJ887 STXAldershot,
BurstnerA Class
Eldissautoquest 320CoachbuiltL443YTA
Eldissautoquest 320CoachbuiltL443YTASouthport
Suzuki Super CarryPop TopD403 JNGLondon
Suzuki Super CarryPop TopD403 JNGLondon
romahomeCamper VansD403JNG
AutoSleeperDuettoHigh TopM998RNUHorsham
Camper Vansj849xet
VW CAMPER T2Camper VansSFL 191K
VW CAMPER T2Camper VansSFL 191K
VW CAMPER T2Camper VansSFL 191K
VW CAMPER T2Camper VansSFL 191K
Forest RiversOWFoIhpLFsHigh Tophttp://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comNY
Swifttalbot express swiftCoachbuiltK681 KVFEdmonton
AutohomesBedouinCoachbuiltH781 DVSRickmansworth
HymerB694A ClassK189 xfxrome
adria izolaLow ProfileWA06 EZNBLACKPOOL
compass drifter 600Camper VansN175 DWU
AutoSleeperdUETTOCamper VansP659 DRC
BurstnerSolano T710Low ProfileDX57 HPJMerthyr Tydfil
AutohomesreBYQFDBZNqKauA Classhttp://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.comNY
VW T2 BayCamper VansVYN 104M
VW LT35High TopM24 ABD
VW camperCamper VansSAV 85MEly
Caravans International (CI)644Low ProfileYX06EFY
Caravans International (CI)644Low ProfileYX06EFY
Compass Drifter 410CoachbuiltP893 DAUBlackpool
VW T4 HoldsworthCamper VansK796CEF
VW Camper T2Camper VansEFW 252T
VW Camper T2Camper VansEFW 252T
AutoSleeperTopazCamper VansWK06EEMLondon
410dCamper Vansh797cbp
conversionCamper Vanswr57bvy
Westfalia ClubPop TopJWR 187YEdgbaston
AutoCruiseStarspiritCoachbuiltAU05 JKN
Autotrailahache se700A ClassWJ55ZWB
Autotrailahache se700A ClassWJ55ZWB
Autotrailahache se700CoachbuiltWJ55ZWB
Autotrailapache 700 seCoachbuiltwj55zwbpaignton
AutoSleeperExecutiveCoachbuiltN959 DYAStockport
VW T25 CamperCamper VansB343FWEWrexham
AutotrailTrigano Tribute T620CoachbuiltYN12 GZPRotherham
AutotrailTrigano Tribute T620CoachbuiltYN12 GZPRotherham
Autoroller 400CoachbuiltKX61EEZ
t2 bayCamper VansCKR452Kmiddlewhich
Mclouis Lagan 410CoachbuiltFn54EFJLeigh

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If you have recently had a motorhome stolen then please add your stolen motorhome to our database so others can look out for it.

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