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2007 Mc Louis Tandy 633G
2007 Mc Louis Tandy 633G motorhome
Owned by Stanner
Updated 25/09/2011

2002 Burstner A747 2 active
2002 Burstner A747 2 active motorhome
Owned by inkey-2008
Updated 07/02/2012

2004 daf lf 45/150 LF
2004 daf lf 45/150 LF motorhome
Owned by bluie
Updated 27/03/2013

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Re: Gassing: A letter from the experts. (Score: 1)
by andyangyh on Thursday, June 26 @ 19:41:56 EDT
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Ah yes - Professor whose whole life has been dedicated to using and researching anaesthetics has, obviously, no idea what he is talking about. Bloke down the pub who talked to a man who met a guy on a campsite somewhere who had heard of someone being gassed must be right. "A gas to keep you asleep is much easier than a gas to put u (sic) to sleep". Brilliant! Why didn't the Prof think of that? Goofy - a Nobel prize awaits.

I also have a friend who is an anaethetist who falls about laughing at the idea of these so called "gas attacks". All those years of training and he is being out-thought by a bunch of low-lifes so well qualified that they have to make a living by breaking into campervans. Or, as my vet asks - "Where are all the dead dogs then?" The amount of gas needed to stupefy a spaniel is tiny compared to that needed to send a human to sleep. If the average canine inhaled even a fraction of the dose we are led to believe is being pumped into vehicles throughtout Europe he'd be dead on the second intake of breath. So the owners doze while Fido croaks. Only.....er.......he doesn't. Odd - isn't it?

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Re: Gassing: A letter from the experts. (Score: 1)
by ConcernedTraveler on Thursday, April 15 @ 13:21:19 EDT
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You are completely right and there are several consultant anaesthetists who agree with our opinion inculding Dr. Gilber Park. UK consultant.

Making one sleep deeper is completely possible with a variety of agents that could be delivered at low concentrations into a confined space such as a motorhome.

Clearly there are two schools of thought on this issue and that's from the professionals!!!

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