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2009 Coachmen Concord
2009 Coachmen Concord motorhome
Owned by tuscancouple
Updated 25/03/2011

1995 Euramobil 675 HS-SS
1995 Euramobil 675 HS-SS motorhome
Owned by Jimblob44
Updated 28/10/2014

1996 Karmann Distance Wide Gold
1996 Karmann Distance Wide Gold motorhome
Owned by Nodge
Updated 09/10/2013

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Huttoft Car Terrace, Lincs. Height barrier.
Submitted by kencocamper on Saturday, September 28 @ 00:00:00 EDT (27280 reads)
Motorhome Newskencocamper writes "A height barrier is being installed on Huttoff car terrace this week and being closed on Mon 23rd Sept at 9 am, yet another discrimination against motorhomers, 7 years ago you had to go in pairs if you wanted to fish because of the druggies and you would not fish after dark, you dare not take children because of needles left everywhere and wierdo,s hanging about, it was a favourite place for boy races and the stolen cars that were burned out on there, but since more M-Hs have used it all this has stopped because they dont like being watched, the M-Hs are basically policing the area and the police that visit the area will agree with this, but the council refuse to speak with the motorhomers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-24233856"

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Submitted by jonharvey on Wednesday, September 05 @ 22:36:40 EDT (30209 reads)
Motorhome Newsjonharvey writes "Kent County Council to Ban Over Night Parking in Sea Side Streets in South East Kent!† WHY?Recently whilst walking down to the beach in Dumpton Gap near Broadstairs in Kent, I spied a sign on a lighting pole which details Kent County Councils plans to ban overnight parking from a number of sea side streets in South East Kent.† I know this included the Dumpton Gap area and also a number of other sea side roads in South East Kent.† But why?† For what purpose or possible gain could they be considering doing such a thing?I have done some motorhoming on the Continent and there are always places to park, where numbers of motor home congregate. I think this councils over there realise that Motorhomes bring money into the area and do not see them as a threat but something they want to attract. Why do English council officials act in such an irresponible unwelcoming manner.† As far as jobs are concerned South East Kent is having real problems. The announcement of closure of the biggest local employer in the area at the beginning of 2011, has really hit the local communities hard. Unemployment is considerably above the national average.The sign asked for comment to be returned to the council by the 1st week in September. This is something we must do!!† Otherwise†further areas to park up for a night will dissapear! Soon the only place for us to park will be our own drives!"

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UK Motorhome Summer Fair 2012
Submitted by nukeadmin on Thursday, June 07 @ 19:23:40 EDT (22276 reads)
Motorhome News

The UK Motorhome Summer Fair 2012 on Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July at Shropshire & West Midlands Showground, Shrewsbury is an ideal opportunity to see a range of new and used motorhomes for sale and also purchase all kinds of motorhome & caravan spares and accessories.

Pre-booked weekend camping is just £40 per pitch (or £50 on the day), which includes show admission for 2 adults, plus 2 nights of top class evening entertainment and a free welcome pack. Arrivals are from Friday at 9am and campers can stay on site up to midday on the Monday. To pre-book, please call 01775 723723 during office hours or book online at http://www.uksummerfair.co.uk/weekend-camping.html

Day tickets are just £6 per person on the gate or just £5 person in advance. Advance tickets can be ordered on online from http://www.uksummerfair.co.uk/day-tickets.html Accompanied under 14ís are free of charge.

The advance booking deadline is 25th June.

ar parking is free.

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