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Review Title: E&P Hydraulic levelling system

Fitted to a Euramobil 810 tag axle Fiat Ducato A class.
The E&P levelling system comprises 4 hydraulic two stage levelling jacks, an electric pump and associated valve block, a hydraulic oil tank, an electronic controlboard with levelling sensor and a control panel.

The 4 jacks are mounted to the chassis using bespoke brackets, the pump and valve block are mounted in a locker or on the chassis as the vehicle dictates. In the case of the Euramobil 810 with the tag axle the rear jacks are positioned on the extended chassis and have a bespoke chassis stay between them. This prevents any chassis twist. The pump and associated manifold and valve gear are located on the side of the chassis in a bespoke box. The electronic control unit /levelling device is located on the ceiling of the garage, and the user control unit is positioned over the habitation door alongside the main control board and Truma central heating control panel.

Operation of the E&P system is very simple. Position the van, apply the handbrake, important, because a relay prevents operation unless this is so, leave the engine running, because there is a 60 amp draw for the hydraulic pump, and switch on at the control panel. Automatic levelling is achieved by pressing one button, stand back and let the jacks extend until the green level light is illuminated - approx 2mins. Should the ground be sloping more than the unit can cope with a red warning icon will light. In these cases manual operation can be used. The system always uses two jacks in tandem front, rea ,left ,right. situations can be levelled or at least improved. But anytime the ground is more than the 8' jack extension will require pads/blocks to assist. Soft ground is Ok as the jacks retract under hydraulic power, but whether you can get traction is another matter!

This is a big ticket option 4,500 - 5,000 fitted, although the price maybe reducing at the time of writing, but it is ,in our opinion the best value option we have fitted, none of that final trip irritation of getting the van level. The van is facing the right way we have a TV signal and WE ARE LEVEL!
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