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Strikeback T Motorhome Alarm

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Strikeback T Motorhome Alarm

We have now had two of these alarms as we've changed vans in the last year.

We think the Strikeback is excellent value for money and very efficient. We had it fitted by VanBitz who provided us with a free night stay at their own campsite so that we were there nice and early the next morning ready to have the alarm fitted. They offered us a choice of having a lift into town or staying on the site and using their waiting room. Having the alarm fitted has also reduced our insurance premiums.

The alarm is easy to use. It's just a case of pressing a button our the key fob to activate it. When its set it doesn't make a beeping noise so doesn't disturb anyone. We always check to ensure the external warning lights are flashing to make sure we've activated it properly.

It has two settings, one for when the motorhome is empty and one for when we leave the dog inside, (or we are inside and want extra peace of mind), the first is motion activated the second we believe is activated if someone forces the door open. We've managed to set it off a couple of times by opening the habitation door and forgetting to disarm the alarm first. It's also very easy to reset should you set if off accidentally.

The alarm is very loud! In addition we also had an extra siren fitted at the rear of the van as it's 24 feet long. The alarm covers the main doors, habitation door, gas locker and an external locker. In addition there is something called an external protection circuit which plugs in under the van and then is looped around bikes or anything you might be carrying on the rear of the van. If you are not carrying anything then you simply unplug it from under the van and put it away somewhere safe until you need it.

We have warning stickers on all the doors and lockers, that come with the alarm and let people know we have it in place.

We have been told that if we change vans again we can take our existing motorhome back and have the alarm removed and then take our new motorhome down and have it installed into that.

We also opted to have the Strikeback Alert Paging and Tracking system installed at the same time, this sends us an update each month of the vans status, its GPS coordinates, battery condition and other information. It will send us a message if the van is stolen and we can text the van back advising it to deactivate the engine. This means the next time the theif turns off the engine they won't be able to restart it. We also get GPS co-ordinates as to where the van is making it easier to track down should it ever be taken. The only thing is the van and yourself both need to be somewhere where there is a phone signal, however if the van is on the move the chances are it will soon be within phone range and we always make sure our mobiles at home are put somewhere that they have a signal. We have it set up to send text messages to two seperate mobile phones, just in case we've forgotten to charge one of them up. There are no monthly or annual charges with this system, just the cost of the text message that the van sends you each month which I think is 10p. We put 10 credit on the SIM card in the van so that should last us a few years.!.

We also have an SOS button on the dashboard, this was fitted by VanBitz at the same time. Should we ever be in trouble and for some reason can't use our phones then we press this and it sends an SOS message to a designated person, I believe it gives them our GPS co-ordinates so they can send help.

We are very happy with the products. We will definetly be sticking with the Strikeback as it is tailor made for the motorhome.

I would also like to add that the after sales from VanBitz is outstanding, the first time we set the alarm off we couldnt' work out how to re set it, but one quick phone call to VanBitz and it was sorted. Then we couldn't remember how to get the external loop working, once again a quick email to VanBitz and back came a very detailed email about what to do and how to activate the alarm. Eddie and his team have always been happy to answer any questions we had. We look forward to our next trip down there the next time we upgrade the motorhome. It was definetly worth the journey from West Wales to Devon.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM or email me and ask, but if its product questions you are probably best asking VanBitz as they can give you accurate answers and know all the technical stuff!! Unlike myself who can just tell you how happy we are with the alarm system.

Title: Strikeback T Motorhome Alarm
Category: Security
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Reviewer: Claire
Related Link: Strikeback Alarm System
Added: March 21st 2008
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