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2011 RS Enterprise A Class
2011 RS Enterprise A Class motorhome
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Updated 13/02/2011

2005 Hymer 655 Star Line
2005 Hymer 655 Star Line motorhome
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Updated 20/02/2015

2012 Tribute T615 Sport
2012 Tribute T615 Sport motorhome
Owned by Minerva
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Fiamma Security 46

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Fiamma Security 46

We purchased one of these locks for two reasons, one was the additional security to the habitation door, and secondly was to use as a handle to get in and out of the van.

When we are travelling or are away from the van the handle flicks over the door and locks into place. Then when we are parked up and using the van the handle sticks outwards so we can use it to hold onto whilst we are getting in and out of the van.

Also if we are pulled up on the side of the road, and the habiation door is facing into the road but we need to open it to get something out of the motorhome then the handle flicks in the opposite direction back against the van so its not protruding outwards into oncoming traffic.

The only slight problem we've had with this is that the lock sometimes sticks, but we applied a bit of WD40 and it solved the problem. In order to use it you have to pull down on a small lever which loosens the handle allowing you to move into the position you want to have it in. Only thing is to remember to put it into place across the habitation door before driving off!! I now make a point of going out of the habitation door, putting the handle across and then getting back into the front door of the van before driving anywhere.

A very cost effective solution to providing additional security to your habitation door with the added advantage of having a handle to use to get in out of the van.

Title: Fiamma Security 46
Category: Security
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Claire
Related Link: Fiamma Security 46
Added: March 21st 2008
Viewed: 1276 Times
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