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2011 Autotrail Mohawk
2011 Autotrail Mohawk motorhome
Owned by trevorf
Updated 12/09/2016

2000 Autosleeper Amethyst
2000 Autosleeper Amethyst motorhome
Owned by Springerjoe
Updated 30/12/2008

2005 Autocruise Sarasota
2005 Autocruise Sarasota motorhome
Owned by beemerdave
Updated 18/12/2010

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Below is an independant and unbiased review of a STRIKE BACK ALARM BY VAN BITZ

As the last review was back in March 2008 I thought I would update the info on the system I had fitted in July 2009. As it is now November 2009 and I have been using it for some 4 months I feel I can say a little about the system.

Fitted by Van Bitz at there workshop in Taunton in Somerset in July 2009 over a two day period when we had a lot of other work done at the sametime by Eddie and his team.

Firstly I would say a very professional outfit. First class facilites and I felt secure that I was entrusting my new baby to them. We stayed a couple of nights on there own camping site - Cornish Farm for free while the work was carried out and I would say it was a pleasant stay and the camp site is first class. First class reception with great coffee for free and as a wheelchair users the receiption disabled toilets and the site toilets were first class also.

On arrival we discussed our requirements with the staff and then they commenced working on our American Winnibago Aspect 23D (2005) RV. The system is the Strikeback T. We have mercury tilt switches on some areas like hood and drop down cupboards like the outside entertainment centre and reed switches on other areas. The system also has the break glass activation unit (wish it was not so big and white plastic cover against our wood walls). The system protects the RV from top to bottom even with an external loop that alllows us to include the trailer when on site or on the move. We have a dog (St Bernard) and we can leave her on board while the exterior is alarmed and the inside is not, or we can activate the whole system covering lockers, doors and internal systems as we wish.

We also had the Ford E350 centeral locking system altered by Van Bitz so that when the fob is used for the locking of the RV all doors lock, but on unlock the domestic door is open but you have to do a double blip of the fob to get the driver and passenger door open (you had to double blip the passenger door as factory issue) This means no one can sneak into the cab while we are on the otherside of the RV on site sitting under the awning. Not strictly a Strike Back specification, more an Eddie's knowledge and the fact he has a E450 Ford C class Mini Winni himself and knows what is needed .

Yes, it works well. takes time to get used to the light flashes and the little fob (to smalll for my big fingers) but the boss seems to be able to do it with no problems. Yes, we did leave the dog in the van and we had not set the correct light bleeps and the dog soon set the alarms off. Boy they are loud as we have an extra set of horns at the rear of the RV as well as the front. We paid extra to have aditional flashing red lights to our grill and rear lamps set (in side the indicator lens). We had one small issue with a suspected door reed, but that turned out to be the fact we had not turned off the rear extra system to the trailer when it was not connected. I missed the details in the handover, but as we had a saterlite TV, Sinclair 1500 watt invertor, back up camera as well as the alarm being fitted it is to be expected I might miss the important information. After sales first class and Van Bitz checked the suspected problem out at a show we were both attending and sorted out the fact I had not turned the rear trailer system off on a manual switch on the dash. The system lets me sleep nights as I know the alarm system works added to the additional engine immoberliser (required by the insurance company - despite that the Ford engine already has an engine imoberlizer) fitted by Van Bitz I can sleep at nights knowing the RV is safe on my drive and when we do leave it on site again I know it is going to be there when I get back.

First class system and well worth the money and I know why there seems to always be a long line of vans in the workshop having the system fitted.

Category: Security
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Robert Fage
Added: November 17th 2009
Viewed: 8437 Times
Score:Top of All
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