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2008 HRZ Holiday Dream
2008 HRZ Holiday Dream motorhome
Owned by jonandjules
Updated 22/08/2012

1995 Autosleeper Trophy
1995 Autosleeper Trophy motorhome
Owned by scotsmart
Updated 26/03/2011

2005 Swift Carrera 590rs
2005 Swift Carrera 590rs motorhome
Owned by talogon
Updated 26/07/2014

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Snooper Ventura S900

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Snooper Ventura S900

Snooper Ventura Sat Nav Review

User reviews of Snooper's range of motorhome friendly sat navs are very hard to find. I purchased a 5 inch S900 18months ago and these are my findings to date having travelled in France, Spain and the UK.

Good Features

1. Very clear voice instructions with e.g. 'turn right now' or 'exit now' when actually at the junction in addition to the early warning. This is better than my old Garmin.
2. It has all the ACSI & CCC campsites on it and some French aires but not all. This can be updated for free on the Snooper web site.
3. Extra POIs can be added for free and Snooper are willing to convert any others that you send them. But hundreds more POIs are available for Garmin

Poor Features

1. The screen is far too dim even at full brightness. It is almost impossible to see on bright sunny days and only really usable at night, on overcast days or mounted in a deep shaded place in your van and not on the windscreen. I have complained to Snooper about this as it is not fit for purpose but no fix is available at present.

2. You can only view the proposed route if you touch the screen map on the lhs just after calculating it within 30secs. When travelling on the route you can no longer see where you are on the map. You only get a 3D view of the road ahead. You can get round this by changing the view from 3D to map but the zoom buttons don't work.

3. Also whilst travelling you cannot switch motorway tolls on and off. You have to clear the route and start again. This is annoying when travelling in Europe when you want to speed up your journey by allowing toll roads to be used or save money by avoiding them.

4. The battery does not fully charge even after 3 hours continuous use on the road. The battery dies within a few minutes. To charge the battery fully you have to leave it connected to the mains charger with the unit switched off for at least 3 hours. My old Garmin did not have this problem. I have also reported this design defect to Snooper.

5. Using the + button to zoom in on the map does not zoom from the centre of the screen. This means you have to keep shifting the map to see what you wanted enlarged.

6. I have had numerous situations where the calculated route has not been the quickest route. For example, being directed up on to narrow winding roads in the mountains which may be a shorter route but definitely not quicker. Not ideal for a large motorhome! It is so bad now that I have to check the calculated route with a road map before setting off. Also my wife has to read the map en route whilst I check direction signs. Basically I do not trust it any more.

7. The POIs provided do not include any major supermarket chains. So for example to find the nearest Tesco or Sainsbury's is impossible. You would think that the supermarkets would be only to happy to provide these to Snooper users!

8. The town names on the maps are often obscured by road numbers and there is no differentiation in text size between small and large cities.

9. Map updates are expensive and you cannot buy a lifetime update.

10. OS grid ref co-ordinates are not supported.

I would not recommend this product. However the latest Snooper S5000 may be much better.

Title: Snooper Ventura S900
Category: Navigation
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Jon hart
Added: April 3rd 2013
Viewed: 1479 Times
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