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SOG Toilet Kit

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a SOG Toilet Kit

Well the first question people ask is "What is a SOG"

A SOG system is a very basic idea that works suprisingly well. The kit comprises of a small fan, some tubing, a thetford adaptor and a carbon charcoal filter.

See full product info here:-

Basically the SOG works on the principal that biological/fecal matter decomposes faster when exposed to bacteria. This bacteria is encouraged to grow by the presence of oxygen.

How this works with respect to the SOG Kit is that once installed you open the flap to the toilet as per normal, but this action actually trips a switch which activates the fan and draws air into the toilet from within the toilet compartment and passes this through the cassette and out through the carbon filter to be expelled outside.

In actual use we were suprised at how well the system works, no chemicals are needed when a SOG Kit is fitted so its a money saver, plus the cassette contents are completely 100% Biodegradeable and can be flushed down standard toilets so is excellent for wild camping fans. The system also requires no specialised toilet paper, in fact we found the cheaper the toilet paper the better it decomposed.

The aroma of chemicals and ahem other smells within the toilet is also reduced to be minimal.

If we exchange our motorhome in the future we will definately be getting a SOG System fitted to our new van.

Title: SOG Toilet Kit
Category: Sanitary
Sub Category:
Reviewer: David Burley
Related Link: SOG System Info
Added: November 18th 2005
Viewed: 10901 Times
Score:Top of All
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Posted by: typingjo on 2006-03-26 21:58:28
My Score: Top of All

Silly question time...

I''ve had a SOG unit fitted, as not keen on using chemicals, and it sounded ideal. I understand how it''s supposed to work, but how do I know if it IS actually working? Should I be able to hear it working? What does it run its power off?

Being new to this lark, I can''t compare it to a non-SOG Thetford, but I wouldn''t say decomposition is great... Nuff said!

Posted by: jonniek on 2005-12-05 02:55:10
My Score: Top of All
Yep totally agree...though a bit pricey...certainly one of the better investments I''ve made.

No more embarrasing smells.

Yahooo no poo

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