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2008 Swift Bolero 680FB
2008 Swift Bolero 680FB motorhome
Owned by colian
Updated 06/08/2011

2008 Swift Kontiki 645
2008 Swift Kontiki 645 motorhome
Owned by LondonMotorhomeHire
Updated 04/01/2009

2008 Burstner Aviano I 675G
2008 Burstner Aviano I 675G motorhome
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Wonder wash

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Wonder wash

I purchased the Wonderwash just before setting off on our full timing adventure. Rather than describe what the thing looks like, I will add a photo to my album.

The wonderwash is a lot more 'powerful' than a handwash, but not as good as a Hoover. The wonder wash, described by the manufacturer as a 'pressure washing machine' works on the principal that the hot water becomes 'agitated' when the machine is rotated and, as the machine is airtight, the pressure inside increases, forcing detergent into the dirty laundry.

There were no instructions with mine, so after assembling it, here goes...

I can easily fit two or three large towels in the drum, then add hot water - this is 'guess work' really as we don't know the temperature of the tap water, and then add about a tablespoonful of detergent. Secure the lid and lock into place. Using the side handle, I turn the drum for a couple of minutes one way, and then turn it in the opposite direction for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes of muscle power, the washing is clean - and it is - really! I have even used this for Oscar's dirty towel.

At the bottom of the gadget is a nozzle - a pipe inserts here and the washing water can drain out. Remove the lid and add a few jugs full of cold water, replace the lid and turn the drum to perform the rinse action. I usually rinse a couple of times.

Wringing out is unfortunately done by hand!

I did not use the gadget much as first as the weather was not suitable for drying, but despite coming out of the machine dripping wet, two large towels and pull over have dried nicely in the sun. Launderette charges are about 10 euros for a wash and dry (high capacity) machines in the Lake Garda area and so our little gadget will break even fairly soon!

The plus side - it does work, it is easier than hand washing as such in the sink. The downside is it is a bit bulky. Cost wise, they are about 30.00

Title: Wonder wash
Category: Kitchen Gadgets
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Russell Whiteley
Added: February 15th 2007
Viewed: 6605 Times
Score:Top of All
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