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2009 Bessacarr E 789
2009 Bessacarr E 789 motorhome
Owned by RichardnGill
Updated 07/06/2011

1996 Hymer E690
1996 Hymer E690 motorhome
Owned by brog16
Updated 25/08/2010

1991 Ford E350 Gulfstream Ultra
1991 Ford E350 Gulfstream Ultra motorhome
Owned by TaffandDawn
Updated 05/04/2011

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Fiamma Safe Door Frame Locks

Below is an independant and unbiased review of a Fiamma Safe Door Frame Locks

After I had bought my Hymer A class, I began to be slightly concerned about security. The model I have only has 1 door, i.e, the habitation door, and although I see this as a plus in security terms, the flimsy caravan style lock leaves something to be desired.

I bought a triple pack of Fiamma's 'Safe Door Frame' locks; the plan being to fit two to the habitation door and a third to the rear locker (which is like a large boot lid with two locks already fitted).

Fitting was very straightforward. Each lock is specially shaped to fit around the extruded aluminium frame of the door and fixing is achieved by drilling 2 holes into the side of the frame, so that the fixings aren't seen and can't be tampered with once the door is closed over.

I decided to fit the first lock over the join area in the stable door in order to secure the lower part of the door. Drilling throgh the aluminium extrusion was easy, but the steel frame behind it proved to be a tougher proposition. This was more than likely down to my drill bits being a bit tired! Once the positions had been marked and drilled, all that was left was to offer the lock up to the frame and screw in the 2 large countersunk self tapping screws.

The 2nd lock was placed about 30cm above the existing habitation door lock, fixing in the same manner as before. Once the door is closed, the body of the lock swings around through an arc and is then covering the face of the door. Insert the key and lock it and you're done. This means that if the original lock is defeated, the door cannot be opened past the rotated lock body, although I'm sure a determined thief could persevere, but then there are still easier ways of breaking in (glass windows!).

When not in use, the body of the lock swings out of the way of the door and can be locked in that position, so you can't be locked in.....

Overall, this seems a good product at a reasonable price (approx 75 pounds for 3) and quality is up to the usual standards of Fiamma. Fitment is very straightforward and well within the bounds of a capable DIY'er within about 30 minutes. There is also a version which fixes through the wall of the van and uses a plate on the inside to strenthen the fitment, but on my van, the position of the toilet wall meant that this wasn't an option.

Title: Fiamma Safe Door Frame Locks
Category: Security
Sub Category:
Reviewer: Steven Paul
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Added: March 4th 2007
Viewed: 7892 Times
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