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1996 Karmann Distance Wide Gold
1996 Karmann Distance Wide Gold motorhome
Owned by Nodge
Updated 09/10/2013

1994 Dethleffs 6771SG
1994 Dethleffs 6771SG motorhome
Owned by georgert1
Updated 21/03/2010

2010 Autotrail comanche
2010 Autotrail comanche motorhome
Owned by grandadbaza
Updated 20/12/2011

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Motorhome Industry Survey

Motorhome Survey
Motorhome Facts has been collating the results of our new member joining questionnaire over the last few years with the results shown below, as far as we are aware this is the largest such survey of motorhome users, with up to 56,000 responses.
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Do you own a Motorhome ?

Yes 60,654 (68.77%)Motorhome Ownership Survey Results
No 27,542 (31.23%) 
Total Responses: 88,196

Where did you purchase your motorhome ?

Dealer 33,486 (51.88%)Motorhome Purchasing Survey Results
Private Sale 21,023 (32.57%) 
N/A 8,209 (12.72%) 
Imported from Abroad 1,830 (2.84%) 
Total Responses: 64,548

What Chassis is your motorhome built on ?

Note: Peugeot had been originally omitted as the software was initially configured to show Fiat / Peugeot, this was split out fairly early on but there will be a variable difference .
Fiat 29,579 (45.78%)Motorhome Chassis Survey Results
Other 8,732 (13.52%) 
N/A 8,338 (12.91%) 
Peugeot 5,152 (7.97%) 
Ford 4,890 (7.57%) 
Mercedes 3,996 (6.19%) 
Renault 2,018 (3.12%) 
Iveco 1,003 (1.55%) 
Citroen 899 (1.39%) 
Total Responses: 64,607

What type of Motorhome do you own ?

Coachbuilt 29,147 (45.06%)Motorhome Type Results
A Class 8,990 (13.9%) 
N/A 8,125 (12.56%) 
Camper 7,893 (12.2%) 
American RV 4,163 (6.44%) 
Panel Van 4,008 (6.2%) 
Self Build 2,356 (3.64%) 
Total Responses: 64,682

Are you in the Motorhome Trade / Business ?

Note: This wass a fairly recent addition (last year) so less responses have been populated.
No 33,129 (93.02%)Motorhome Type Results
Yes 2,486 (6.98%) 
Total Responses: 35,615

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