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Added: November 30th 1999
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Posted by: DOUGHILL9 on 2016-10-14 04:42:07
My Score: Top of All
Hi. How accessible is the rear bed ?

Posted by: ferg1765 on 2015-04-02 18:14:18
My Score: Top of All
hi David, great review, we are just in the process of buying a hymer b690 starline but there is no tv in the rear, not sure if you will see this but is there a chance you could send me some pictures of where the tv is in your van and how they have fixed the bracket on, my email address is [email protected] Thanks very much Chris anstey ( ferg1765)

Posted by: robscot on 2015-01-23 03:27:03
My Score: Bad
A funny review but not much help to me as someone looking to change from a caravan and looking at a 2005 Dethleffs.

Posted by: henda on 2014-07-13 18:29:51
My Score: Top of All
This really help us on settling on which Hymer to go for, we now have the same one Star line 690 love it.
Thank you for taking the time to write the review

Posted by: marco_b on 2014-06-27 10:00:40
My Score: Top of All
I''ve only just seen this "review" - I bought a Vantage Sol a year and a half ago, and I have to say that my experience with Vantage has been quite the opposite. Whenever I was unsure about anything with the van, I just rang them up, explained the issue, and they got me sorted with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of helpfulness!

I''ve found that Vantage are a company who genuinely do proper after-sales support, and I''d rather have that than tons of glossy brochures and handouts. The van is simple to use, and you''ve got the manufacturers'' manuals for the heating, cooker, fridge etc if you need them.

What was more important for me was the handover. They really went the extra mile here. Rather than chucking the keys at us and waving goodbye, they spent a whole morning with us personally, going over every detail of every bit of equipment, all the features, everything of how it worked until we understood it properly. Very reassuring indeed.

This is my second van - we downsized from a Hymer. We''re really pleased with the van, it''s a top bit of kit from a first class company who take customer satisfaction very seriously.

If anyone wants our thoughts on the Vantage Sol, check out our review on our blog here: http://tammytourguide.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/baby-camper-vans-first-big-trip-2/

Anyway, if you do decide to sell the van, I don''t think you''ll have any bother selling it - secondhand ones hardly ever show up.

Posted by: henda on 2014-05-31 16:10:24
My Score: Top of All
This was really helpful, thank you.

Posted by: Bill_OR on 2014-05-27 13:14:49
My Score: Top of All
Wobby - with regard to the Comformatic box are you sure you don''t have an ''up'' button? Look on the panel just above the gear stick. It does make the difference when going uphill.

Posted by: robbosps on 2014-04-28 00:45:20
My Score: Top of All
We bought a Roller team 700 as a used buy 6 months ago.
In that time weve done a few weekends and a longer trip at the start of April.

We bought the van as a spacious 4 berth, making the small dinnette into a sofa, which has worked out excellently.

Economy wise, we are at 23.5mpg, although on a run of 200 motorway miles, its been upto 25.0

Build seems very good, and the available payload is excellent.

We havent done a very long trip yet, but are off in September to do so.

The only slight issue, that needs looking at is the storage space. Or outside strage space. ( theres masses inside ).

The garage takes most things, but the outside chairs and table are in the roofbox, which is a bit of a pain. Over time i will see if there is a handy place to put them.

Ive used my van for cycling weekends, sighting holidays, mobile hotel at events.....

We travel as two adults, a two year old and a springer spanial. We have the other bunk available for anymore rug rats....

Posted by: henda on 2014-04-26 17:28:00
My Score: Top of All
This was great, helped make up our minds on what hymer to go for,ours
will be here in few weeks. Is there anything we should be watching out for as this is our first m/h.

Posted by: henda on 2014-02-22 19:49:21
My Score: Top of All

Posted by: henda on 2014-02-22 19:38:25
My Score: Top of All
Thank you this has been very helpful.

Posted by: Jodi1 on 2014-01-16 17:14:04
My Score: Top of All
Having owned a Bentley Indigo for a year now I think that test pilot has done full justice to this outstanding motorhome. it is well made, comfortable, a joy to drive and perfect for the two humans and a golden retriever that use it. what a shame that the brand has folded! It is easy to see how the Indigo won so many wards and accolades - a future classic.

Posted by: bertieburstner on 2014-01-07 11:40:35
My Score: Top of All
well after owning it for 5 years we finally sold it. We continued to have paint problems (the front was repainted 3 times due to bubbling of the paintwork) and then the floor had delaminated due, we believe, to a leaking shower supply pipe. The upshot was that the floor needed renewing at a cost of 2,500.

We had problems with the electric step as well. Overall it was a good van, but did not I believe have a brilliant build quality.

Posted by: VanFlair on 2013-12-26 04:33:21
My Score: Top of All
I can only agree with what Peter has said, we have the twin bed version but this was easily converted to a transverse double giving a very large bedroom and no feeling of being in a cupboard even with the bedroom doors closed.

We have the 2006 model with small lounge area, bar table and extra captains chair in the lounge.

The ride through pot holes can be a bit hard but I guess this is normal on a commercial chassis, as Peter says the ride is very quiet and has improved greatly since I removed the dashboard and reassembled all the heater plenums that had come loose and were bouncing around inside.

After two years ownership of this vehicle (7 year old now) we would not know what to replace it with as it offers a fine living space and you get the feeling that it will last forever, so consequently we keep it and keep adding extras, solar panels, sine wave inverter, coffee machine, microwave, hydraulic level jacks tyre pressure monitors next along with new tyres.


Posted by: rosalan on 2013-12-07 17:08:38
My Score: Top of All
After owning the van for a year, we had a window fitted between the drivers door and the habitation door.
Climbing over one another in the transverse bed has been less of a problem than we anticipated.
We added a spare wheel and when touring, replaced the fitted carpets with cheaper throw away ones. We also bought the quad size ramps which have proved excellent even on some quite steep parking zones.
Still love the van.

Posted by: Pottsy on 2013-08-30 19:48:11
My Score: Top of All
Hi could you give me an idea of how much you paid for your Gas low system and who fitted it

Posted by: rosalan on 2013-08-26 20:27:08
My Score: Top of All
The van originally came without a spare wheel, one now included in the garage. As for the ''missing'' window between the habitation and van door, this has now been fitted by Pullingers of Halstead and has made a difference.

Posted by: rosalan on 2013-08-26 20:25:03
My Score: Top of All
The van originally came without a spare wheel, one now included in the garage. As for the ''missing'' window between the habitation and van door, this has now been fitted by Pullingers of Halstead and has made a difference.

Posted by: murrayxxx77 on 2013-07-31 18:54:43
My Score: Worst Of All
Agree with the other comment. This tells you nothing about what its like to live with a Topaz. Its just a description of the vehicle not a review. Can''t understand why you say you want an outside locker. You don''t say what you want it for or what you want to put in it. You buy a Topaz because its compact, easy to manouvre, because it doesn''t have the wasted space of a fixed bed. Buy a coachbuilt which is a couple of metres longer if you want a fixed bed. By the way, on our Topaz you can access the gas bottles from the inside of the wardrobe through a hatch designed just for that purpose.

Posted by: franhiatt on 2013-07-18 13:12:08
My Score: Top of All
This type of High-Top motorhome seems to be the best option if you want to get around fairly easily with limited leisure time ie. car-like driving and motorway cruising speeds when two of you are dashing off for a weekend break.

Many converters offer these models now, but I notice that a few of the old-stagers try and incorporate their ''chintzy-cheeriness'' designs of the traditional coach-builts into what is arguably something aimed at the younger end of the market. Not that I''m a youngster indulging in extreme outdoor adventure sports by any means, but I don''t want something that looks like my great''aunt''s sitting room.

Trigano, Timberland and Vantage have received good reviews all over the place, and Murvi as well of course but they''re quite expensive for most budgets and even second-hand they command high prices.

I''ve been looking at buying a motorhome again after a 23 year gap and this type seems to be the most practical and manageable for all types of journey from motorways to B-roads. A new one isn''t really on the cards, so I''ll have to go for the pre-Brucie chin type from probably 2004-5 (with cab aircon). Timberland do a Renault Master version as well which looks quite good, but a lifetime of hearing about Renault''s unreliability and expensive repair bills puts me off. My neighbour''s Espace gearbox was made of soft cheese and died after only 11,000 miles. The replacement ''box only lasted 15,000, then the warranty ran out. Fiat/Peugeot products have a few problems too, but they do seem to be the base vehicle of choice for most motorhome converters these days.

Posted by: Fleetham on 2013-06-29 17:06:50
My Score: Top of All
We pick up our identical van in 2 weeks time and hope we are as pleased with it as the OP!

Posted by: robi49 on 2013-05-10 15:47:29
My Score: Top of All
I own one a LHD version, it has everything you need and is a dream to drive. I have not noticed any problems whilst driving except the rattles which is expected.

Posted by: rosalan on 2013-02-24 19:52:45
My Score: Top of All
Since writing this review, we have added the missing window, unglued the table that now allows more moving space from the cab to the habitation area. Finally the poor toilet flush turned out to be a failed electric flush switch which was replaced under warranty. It sounded simple and I attempted (but failed) to do it myself. Pullingers turned up trumps and fixed my failure.
Having had our previous van stolen with keys taken from our home when burgled, I have added a lock to disable the drivers seat from rotating and bought a wheel clamp. The keys are no longer accessible in the house.

Posted by: PSC on 2013-01-18 16:45:35
My Score: Top of All
thanks for the review - very useful. And we have just been out and brought one too... :-) Ours has the gas trauma heating/water heater so should be quieter, but generally it sounds identical. We are chuffed and have downsized from a Rapido which has a fixed bed. Yes, the fixed bed is comfy, and yes, the underbed space is great for storage, but... we probably take about 1500kgs more stuff than we need (simply because it will fit in), and the van is HUGE in comparison to the Tribby.

Posted by: rosalan on 2012-11-21 13:30:55
My Score: Top of All
My wife wishes to add that the wardrobe lighting was not good and required additional battery LED''s where there had previously been no lighting. It could have done with some ceiling lights. Access to the Truma heating requires the steps to the bed unbolting from the floor, which is fairly easy to do.

Posted by: rosalan on 2012-11-18 12:48:40
My Score: Top of All
A delightful van to drive, mine showed 34mpg with which we were well pleased. The shower unit was large enough to really enjoy the experience and I would use it in preference to using camp-site facilities. Storage cupboards were plentiful. This van looked even better on the inside than the outside where the decals looked a little economical. However, just like the Fiat cousins, it needed towing off at the Peterborough show when the ground was flooded in 2012. Sadly our 2009 model was permanently ''borrowed'' by bad people after a month and has not been seen since. Alan

Posted by: Dotcom on 2012-10-28 18:06:51
My Score: Top of All
Could you tell us which scooter you use and does it fit in the garage or on a rack?
We are having difficulty finding a scooter which we can ride 2 up with adequate size and power!!!!
many thanks

Posted by: sammydonkin on 2012-09-16 11:18:31
My Score: Top of All
I read this review on September 16th 2012. It is allegedly written on September 25th!
Was this guy actually there yesterday,(Saturday 15th)or is his calendar out of sync. It makes me wonder this is a genuine observation of the 140. I was there and visited the 140 on display as we currently have an Autoquest 140. I have to agree with the comments regarding the washbasin. I have never seen the like and it WILL put me off buying another 140 at this time.

Posted by: donnievoks on 2012-08-01 13:59:01
My Score: Top of All
The off-road trucks will give you more idea on this.

Posted by: Mouse44 on 2012-07-16 22:35:00
My Score: Top of All
We have returned from a two week break and we found a few issues with our van in the way of work top space and plug sockets, so i got down to it and fitted another double socket which i soldered the wiring in and a drop leaf counter across the door also lights in every cupboard LED stick ons
We then went away for six weeks and discovered that the foam in the seats was not up to the job and gave me sore backside,when i looked into it the foam was of poor quality so i found a company called Fast Foam they were very helpful and advised me on what foam to use and how to measure it correctly, it is advised that the foam is one inch wider,thicker,longer,i was concerned and phoned them they said would be the difference of looking great or slack covers,we did it as told and it looks great and feels great good job.
I have also modified the bed over the cab as it had a great big dip in it,and for fourteen pounds and some hard work made a former to fit the dip and then put a piece of plywood across it glued it and sanded it cut it in half drilled a twenty six mm hole in each half so they can be lifted out, result one very large bed with no dips.
PS wife very pleased as it looks great and was on her side lol.
Anybody needing to do the same and cannot see it in the minds eye you can always contact me. that is all the mods for this year maybe.

Posted by: lisacraig on 2012-07-02 08:48:12
My Score: Top of All
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Posted by: lisacraig on 2012-07-02 08:45:53
My Score: Top of All
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Posted by: rosalan on 2012-06-16 18:29:10
My Score: Top of All
Sadly the news of poor quality UK build is not rare, but unless Swift and others focus on build quality, they will go the way of the rest of UK motor manufacturers.
As for some of the short comings on this van; 30,000+ is a lot of money but to have fully winterised vans (double floor and heated waste tanks) the price does rise by quite a lot.