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1989 Hymer S660 tap/pump query

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Good evening ,
I have a small problem with my taps / pump . I will try and be as succinct as possible!
I have found that both kitchen and bathroom tap's have been disconnected from the power supply i.e not using the original integrated micro switch ( kitchen tap is now a regular domestic tap and the bathroom tap / shower has two wires dangling ). when the pump has been switched on both taps are perfectly operable. When taps are turned off the pump will stop and be silent but occasionally produce a grumbling sound. So. I was wondering do I have a pumping system that is activated by "water Flow" ( does such a thing exist?) or I have the regular micro-switched system that is permanently on albeit with a dodgy pump producing the intermittent grumbles.
P. S I have quite recently bought the MH and am reguarly discovering alterations & improvments !
Thank you for taking the time to read through this lot
Regards Lovejoy
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Is it possible' that the 2 disconnected wires are touching & making intermittent contact ?
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