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1st nights stop-aire

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Arriving at Calais at 8.00pm sunday
is the aire at Gravelands likely to be full at that time?
alternatively stopping at ferry port?
I a, m travelling up the A16 towards Dunkerque then Lille.
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Last month we pulled into the first rest area on the A16, along with 2 other caravans and a couple of lorries, and had a good night's kip. Then on to Bruges in the morning.
Job done, and no deviation from the main road in the middle of the night.

We just stop at the Calais ferry port. A bit noisy but no probs.

There is an aires / campsite at Escalles. It does have good showers ect. We used it 4 week ago

steve & ann ------------- teensvan
Aire in Calais fills very early. Cite Europe highly recommended overnight - free and ever so easy!
Thanks for replies
sorry for being thick but where is Cite europe and how do you ger there from ferry port.
Bray-Dunes is only just up the coast and the Aire/Car Park there is never full.

Never had a problem with Gravelines. Quiet and peacefull. Watched the fireworks display last year on Bastille day and it was not full

Dave P


We visited the Gravellines aire recently, very nice but it's getting very popular and you need to be careful where you park. See this recent post....

A few other alternatives close to Calais apart from the aire on the seafront are the ferry terminal parking....

...or the Yacht basin just around the corner from the aire proper.....

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Hi Peejay we stayed at gravelines on our out and return trip last july, no mor than six mh each time.
Maybe we should stop advertising such a good stop.

Some nice restaurants in town etc

dave p

Hi Dave,

Seems to be getting just a bit too popular, about 20 vans out/rtn May/Jun this year.

There'll probably be 20 more after this post :roll:

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