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2008 Rimor Superbrig - underslung gas tank?

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Appreciate contact with anyone who has a Rimor Superbrig, Ford Transit chassis and installed an underslung LPG gas tank.

We have just purchased a superbrig and are woundering what size tank will fit?

Cheers Evo
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It will be to do with clearance, it won't matter what make - and unfortunately MTH Autogas's web site is no longer which used to have all this info on it, perhaps contact autogas who are members on here, and they would be able to tell you - they will probably have to look at your motorhome, as it will all depend as well on where things like water tanks are fitted, and drawers, as to what space is available, and of course you have to bear in mind where it is sited - to do with payload over wheels etc....

Perhaps even a lpg fitter (of cars) could tell you.... but somewhere to start.

Thanks, I'll try both your suggestions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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