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3 dongle abroad

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I got the dongle to use abroad this April. PAYG because there will be some months I don't need to use it and I don't see the point of activating my £10 for 30 days and only use it for two or three if them.
So, all set, I activated my £10 and off we went. Used it the first night in England, very pleased. Got to the Netherlands wouldn't connect. Thought that might just be something with the Dutch network so didn't do anything until we got to Germany - same happened there. Got on to 3 technical help and was told by some poor guy, in Bangalore probably, that I had not any money on my account, but I could put money on by going to the my3 webpage. I didn't understand how I was going to do this if I couldn't get a connection to the internet.
Here is the point, at last, The website says to convert your £10 to an "add-on" so that it costs less to use. This I had done, What the website didn't make clear, to me at least, was that the add-on couldn't be used abroad.
I'm willing to hold my hand up to stupidity but don't get caught the same way. I was trying to use up my £10 in England on the 30th day.
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If you are going overseas with your THREE dongle, you must ensure that your dongle is set up for international roaming.

On arrival in the overseas country, you select the network you want. This is done by going into SETTINGS and then CONNECTION. Note, you are roaming and it will cost an arm and a leg.

My THREE account is currently in dispute as the dongle could be used in Italy, Austria and on other THREE networks without international roaming fees. This service is removed at the end of June and there is no indication yet what this will be replaced with.

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