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5 kg gas cylinders in Ireland.

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hi - im perrywinkle a newbie to campers i own a eldis autoquest 130, im trying to get everything together but there is one problem that ive found,
i live in county kildare ireland and im having a lot of dificulty in purchasing
5 kg butane gas cilinders in my area , the larger 10 kg bottles do not fit .
can anybody out there help please .
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Hello Perrywinkle and a warm welcome to MotorhomeFacts. I hope you enjoy being with us and gain from the experience.

I am intrigued by your request for information about 5 and 10kg cylinders. Apart from patio gas, I have never come across these sizes before. The normal sizes for Calor are 7kg for Butane and 6kg for Propane, with larger sizes being 15 and 13 respectively. So could you please clarify. The Autoquest 130 looks a fairly standard motorhome, with a standard locker size.

I can see you having problems trying to fit the larger sizes but finding and fitting the smaller sizes should be no problem.

Still on the subject of gas... If you only intend using your MH during warm months (?) then Butane will be fine. However, the majority of MH owners use them through four seasons and use Propane which is able to gas at a lower temperature.
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Try this guy
Bruce Ruddell Campden Gas, 087 6868734
in Dublin.
We get our gas from him, and tell him Greg gave you this no.

5 kg gas cilinders.

thanks unclenorm for a very promt reply, I only purchased the van three weeks ago and there were 2 empty 5 kg bottles of butane left in the locker, i tried larger bottles that i keep at home but they would not fit in locker,
i did read on the net that people traveling to the republic should stock up
before leaving because that size cilinder is not easy to aquire in the republic

All the best - Perrywinkle.
5 kg gas cilinders.

thanks Greg - i will try that number tomorow, with a bit of luck it might solve my problem.

all the best perrywinkle.
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