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80% gas check

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HI, Can anyone tell me how they check that the gas cylinders are 80% full when travelling on the E-uro tunnel? :D
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They don't as gas cylinders when "full" are only 80% full otherwise the gas would not come out.
Hmmn this one is just so misleading, we even let gas out of our bottles on the first trip as we were worried about it.

I posted on MHF to be told that gas cylinders are 80% full when new duhhn we wasted gas..............I don't know why it is so misleading as we checked in on that first time Hubby said something to the lady who checked our gas was switched off and she said she had no idea what he was talking about.
Thanks for the replies. I know when the bottles are new they are only 80% full,it's just when i was reading the euro tunnel blerb it states that they will be checked.
We've been through the Tunnel many times now, all they've ever done is ask us if the bottles are isolated ( turned off).
Sometimes they have actually opened up the door and knelt down to do a visible check.

Our gas cupboard on the Symbol is only accessible from inside, so maybe it's a bit more awkward for them!!

MikeCo said:
They don't as gas cylinders when "full" are only 80% full otherwise the gas would not come out.
Oh yes it would, and even very much so. Two things could happen if a cylinder were 100% full:

If you tried to e.g. light the stove, then gas in liquid state could get into the regulator and the gas pipes. It would evaporate and expand rather rapidly there, increasing the flame size on your hob significantly (up to 2-3 metres).

Or, if cylinder is shut and ambient temperature rises by only a few degrees, then the liquefied gas inside will burst the cylinder.

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