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95 boxer is there a special tool to remove the sump plug?

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Does anyone know if there is a special tool needed to remove a peugeot sump plug? I have a 8mm sq sump key but it doesn't fit. Looking at the plug, it has a round outer and the inside looks to be square ish but with curving sides? :? It is a genuine Peugeot sump plug does it need a special tool? :? :cry:
If so does anyone know either where to get one from or where to get a sump plug that doesn't need a special tool?
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Hi I removed mine last week for the first time and I used an old Spark Plug spanner(14mm) or 21mm ring (don't ask). Yours sounds like an Allen Key. Cheers Andy
I changed the oil on my 2005 boxer last week and it had a sump plug with a 10m/m af socket head, so 10m/m af allen key. Hope this helps. Chasper.
Does it look like this?

In which case the curved bit is to aid location of the tool


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It does look like that.
I have attached my "artistic impression" of what it looks like to me head on. I have a 8mm draper sump key but it doesn't fit :(
I have probably exagerated the curve on the side a bit :oops:


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if you go to a motor accessory shop or halfords you can buy a small kit containing several different sump plug removal tools and a tee bar for not much money.
hi just seen your post it is 8 m give it a tap . ihave 95 boxer
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