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Addict to this GREAT site

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Help me out fellow members. My wife thinks I'm addicted to this site. How much time do you spend reviewing all the comments, questions, and answers?
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I probably spend about 10 hours a week messing around on the 'net, on different things, but a high percentage of that time is checking out various discussion groups, time spent is variable, I find I tend to respond to other posts rather than initiate, so my commitment is governed by who's been saying what.
Something that is guaranteed to turn me off a site are the 'off-topic' news items that inevitably turn into rants! and I'm usually daft enough to try and argue reason in the beginning - so that makes me as moronic as the rest I guess, then it gets progressively worse. So I tend to drift away from the site for a while, not the admin's fault and it does tend to spoil sites I think.
Mind you,I've lots of little hang-ups and don't check posts that are obviously provocative, or use all CAPS or have open ended headers like Help wanted.
How's that for a little rant all on my own :eek:gre:
:wav: must say I'm also very addicted to smileys.
Also find that time spent on this site is directly related to just how little I want to do the work that I logged on for in the first place - :thebirdman:
aka displacement theory . so I guess, given all this dross that I've just typed I really don't want to prepare handouts for tomorrows class! :banghead:
Have we got even more smileys? don't remember seeing that last one yesterday? 8)
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Also, I like the way the same people turn up on different sites, on the net as well as on the ground. You can have conversations with the same people on different discussion forums,
beats working any day 8) :twisted:
Hi Dodger bragging again - bb - doh :cry:
you've certainly had a rush of blood to the head gotta load new gems from you I see -
well, cinderella must potter to bed, so i shan't be around for the witching hour to see if we make 500!
come on come all, :p :p 8)
Drifter said:

I suddenly realised we're all quite normal.

aaarrrggghhhhhh - or however it's spelt.
We're not normal, we are way beyond that! we are the creme de la wotsit, the sensible rational got it sussed lot. And at this time of the morning quite insane! :wink:
You must be thinking of caravanners !! :twisted:
and yes gillian, I reckon justice will prevail over nukey nevermind anyone else.
still quality not quantity 8) and now we've hit 500 and the e-mails have gone out just checking for new posts could be a full time job.
Don't envy moderators.
It is quicker, at that time I was often the only one on line I think. So, caught up on mails - without having to watch for new ones coming in - and got a chance to check out some more piccies, and info from Nuke.
But, mainly it's age - if I wake up I can't get back to sleep without a gap, and sshhh I'm a secret addict, and that's the best time to sneak on - I can always claim to have only just gone on line!
:wink: :lol: 8)
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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