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Addict to this GREAT site

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Help me out fellow members. My wife thinks I'm addicted to this site. How much time do you spend reviewing all the comments, questions, and answers?
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This "hard core" concept in motorhomers I find hard to imagine. Do they have face piercings and flames on the side of their vehicles ? I suppose it's a bit like music. You get 'hard core urban' but have you ever tried going into HMV music store and finding 'extreme rural'.

I must say, I thought all motorhomers were all called Nigel and Simone, wore beards, liked real ale, and always went to Devon. Since I came only these boards I suddenly realised we're all quite normal.

Nice to see the boards so active. I access from work when I'm feeling stressed and thinking of what I plan for the weekend quite relaxing. I love it.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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