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Hi Alan,

I have had a CI Mizar for a year now, can’t fault it to be honest, the habitation side is very good, no problems with the furniture or fittings, and with a 3 year warranty with these vans, you have peace of mind.

The diesel heating is a real bonus for me, set it as you like and forget about it, the bunks have come into their own, the bubble is huge and the kitchen and bathroom excellent.

No problems with the base Fiat, mine has now done 6,000 miles trouble free.

It drives very well, I did fit airide suspension as well, although that was only because I had intended towing (not got around to that yet), but before I fitted airide, the handling and comfort was very good.

One thing, although not connected to the make or kind of motorhome, if they try and fob you off with a omni directional aerial, insist on the 530 status instead, just something that annoys me, dealers offer you a free aerial that does not do the job.

I’ve also sent you a personnel message.

MHS….Rob :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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