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I was wondering whether anyone else is experiencing the same problem that I have encountered?

I have been with them for over a year now, covered by their commercial self-drive hire insurance. From the outset, I found them, and one guy in particular who I won't name, extremely helpful and an altogether, 'yes, we can' attitude.

Over the past several weeks, I have gathered there's been a minor change to their personell and can never get that same guy on the phone to discuss future business.

I feel very let down. I want to discuss expansion and they know that but they seem so overloaded, or understaffed, that a week can easily go by, with 5 messages left, and no call-back.

I'm really disgusted with the way things have turned around that I'm now searching high and low for an alternative supplier of self-drive hire insurance.

Anyone else feeling a lack of response from them?
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