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Am I asking too much?

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My wife and I usually choose small CC or CCC sites and try to book on the outside of sites away from play areas as we like a quiet and peaceful stay.
On 3 stays in recent months we have been on edge throughout our visits because of groups of 5-8 teenagers running screaming around our van holding onto vans as they play hide and seek whatever, or play football or other ball games or on another occasion fight with branches they had torn from trees, usually gawping into your van each time they pass. Am I asking too much for parents to supervise kids in such a way that they don't invade other's privacy.
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No Barry, I don't think you are. We are having the same trouble with a small group of teenagers in our village at the moment. They are not bad kids and individually they can be fine, but they seem to push things too far when together in a group.

They do need to stretch their wings and have some time unsupervised but really it's up to parents to pop out every now and then to check on what their kids are up to.

Saying that, we did some awful things at that age. I seem to remember my sister lighting a fire in the park and I certainly played in dangerous places (railway line).

Perhaps I shouldn't throw stones from my glass house!

Best advice is either use small CLs, dont go away in school holidays or use adult only sites these are the methods we use when ever possible.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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