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animal stickers

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Dose anybody know what the black animal stickers are for, or stand for, I have a bull on the back of my motorhome I have seen camel's and horses, just one of those things I need to know.

many thanks chris :? :? :? :?
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I'm afraid I collect stickers, animal or otherwise :( or what? Wondered where people got them from and then found some on a trip to Norway and then in Spain had trouble finding them the first time we went. Then this winter at La Manga C&CC Rally found a lady advertising at the stewards stand so bought a few more :) I don't like to see a plain white rear MH so I jazz it up a bit. Only trouble is when we change the MH and this is our 5th I lose the stickers and have to start all over again. :(
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Cloud! Lets not forget the RAIN...........its horrendus here at the moment and its Summer!
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