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animals left in vans!

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I have just spent a weekend at Baltic Wharf and am horrified to observe the number of people leaving animals in MHs and caravans for a whole day In my opinion that's unfair on the animals and risky from a safety point of view - it's also against CC guidelines but in the past wardens, I have found, are reluctant to get involved 8O
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richardjames said:
I have just spent a weekend at Baltic Wharf and am horrified to observe the number of people leaving animals in MHs and caravans for a whole day
A lot of people IMHO seem to discover that responsible pet ownership and a camping holiday are not always compatible. The pet might well be cool and comfortable in the van for a couple of hours but to leave it all day is cruel. It also does not do much for the sanity of those around who have to put up with it barking and howling when it gets bored.

Call the RSPCA if the warden won't deal with it and the dog is clearly unhappy.



Jenny will stay in the van for hours and she is perfectly content. I have left a video camera running in the past and within moments of me going out, she goes to sleep. She is however 11 1/2 and so not in the need of constant playing and exercise. The van is airconditioned and today, whilst I went to Tesco, I left the aircon running for her.

If I saw a dog that was clearly in a distressed state - and hot with no ventilation, then I would more than happily put a window through. Also, if the dog was barking and causing a commotion, then the site staff should be advised of the same.

I had a tenant in a house, he kept 12 greyhounds in a shed. RSPCA and council were informed. As the dogs were fed and watered every 24 hours neither would do nothing.
Eventually i evicted him

DAve P

i'm with Russel, we leave our labs for max 3/4 hrs, they don't make any noise they just go to sleep, and they get more exercise when we're out in the van than they do at home where they are left for sometimes 6 hrs. dennis
Leaving animals in a house is, I think, abit different. A motorhome or caravan is a smaller unit and with all the windows secure there can be a rapid build up of heat. Up to an hour is, I think, fine, but these I saw was all day in the heat of the weekend!!
How many dog owners let there dog roam the house all day I bet they are just in one room also there is people who keep there dogs in cages all day. We leave ours in the Mh and he just goes to sleep. So tell whats the diffrence between a mh and a room bet you the dog would prefer to be in the mh
If, and a big if in weather like we are having, the van is cool inside and the dog(s) dont bark or howl, I dont see it should be a problem. On rare occasions we have left them for up to 6 hours when we are home, so apart from the heat why should it be any different in a van?. I hate to see dogs, large and small, dragged round shops, shows etc. they cant possibly enjoy the experience, especially when it is very hot.

This weekend, we had all windows/skylights open and blinds drawn, including windscreen covered. it was cooler in the van than outside. It was a C &CC rally so it was possible to do this, not so safe on a commercial site.

I think perhaps a lot of sites have a 'no dogs to be left in vans' policy to prevent yapping, barking, howling, whining dogs - not all dogs behave like this - thank goodness!
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Each to their own opinion. Our 5 dogs go on holiday to the local kennels whilest we are away.
No heat or noisy children to bother them. Only took dogs on hols onc 30 something years ago. Most young children think dogs are toys.
They do not go into town and may be a bit nervous of all the people.
We saw several "lost " looking dogs in Skegness yesterday.
They would probably preferred being at home or in mh out of the crowds.

DAve P

My dogs are full members of my family and although have had to leave them at kennels for long weekends when I visit my daughter in Spain, they usually come with us.
That sometimes means if we go out for a drink or meal or festival (Which we all know the Spanish love), we leave them at HOME in the motorhome.
They do regard the motorhome as their home, they have their beds and we make sure the motorhome is well ventilated.
Sometimes when it has been quite hot we have left them for half to quarter of a day in the motorhome as it is cooler than sitting in the sun (which we like). They are happy, they have freedom to move about, drink water, sleep, look out the window. They are secure knowing no matter where we are they have a walk morning and evening and we are in doubt prefer this to living in a cage for a fortnight.
They are also well socialised and do not get nervous in towns or country as a consequence.
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We normally leave our dogs in our small motorhome. We have a thermostatic fan in the roof and mostly park so the back of the van is facing the sun (no windows at rear), if it is going to help I put up the internal or external silver screens.

But and its a big but you can get caught out if you don't think about it all the time.

We left them for only 40 minutes on a cool but sunny day in Orkney. We went out well wrapped up against the wind but when we got back it was warm in the van, the dogs weren't exactly distressed but one was panting a bit. On that occasion the sun was coming in the side and we didn't leave the fan on. So that brought it home to us to be even more careful in future.

Just to put that into perspective both dogs have been lying in the sun panting all day today and could we get them into the shade ...... ;)
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We will leave our dogs in our coachbuilt van for several hours.

To do so we pull up the silver blinds to keep the sun out. There is a Fiamma turbo vent roof fan with thermostat. If neccesary, we will leave an oscolating table fan on too. The van will then stay within 1 degree of outside ambient temperature. We have an in/out temp guague, so can monitor this.

One of our dogs is very nervous, her van is her home, she is far more content in there than outside.

Our dogs are our top priority. Not everybody is like this, but what what really gets my goat is people making ill-informed statements like dogs should not be left in vans.

Our dogs are rescue dogs, both were in a cage for up to a year before rehoming. What is cruel in my opinion is sending them to boarding kennels, back to a cage.
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krull said:
but what what really gets my goat is people making ill-informed statements like dogs should not be left in vans.
No-one in this thread has said this. The original poster said:

I have just spent a weekend at Baltic Wharf and am horrified to observe the number of people leaving animals in MHs and caravans for a whole day In my opinion that's unfair on the animals and risky from a safety point of view

I think most M/h owners with pets are conscientious, however, just one thing to point out, how often do you go to the loo in the day??

Make sure your pets can do so, it is very distressing for them to have to cope with a full bladder etc, just as it would be for us.....

My opinion, is that three hours is the max any animal should be left if unable to get outside to toilet.
One other thing we always leave water both when away or when leaving them at home but they don't touch it until we come back its almost as if they need our permission ;)

and another other thing

Don't think that it is cruel to use a cage, ours will almost fight over who gets to go in the cage, it is a place of safety and calmness. What upsets them about kennels is being trapped next to other dogs, not being caged per se.
I leave my dog in the Motorhome when we are away.
We take him for a walk first so he goes to toilet and then leave him water and food.
The blinds are pulled up and he snuggles down on his blanket.
I leave the top vents open for air to circulate.
When we get back we exercise him and play football.
People have to leave there dogs at home when they go to work so what is the difference in a motorhome.

There is no way I would leave my dog in a kennel as he is nervous of other dogs and it would undo all the hard work we have put into him these past 2 years.
The clubs that run dog shows under Kennel Club authority are paranoid about not leaving dogs in vehicles. I can understand why as there've been several cases, over the years, where dogs have died due to heat build up. You'd think that to participate in shows you must be a dog lover, but some people just don't seem to understand how quickly spaces like cars and vans can warm up, even with windows open, and how distressingly hot they can become. Even with full page warnings in entry schedules and catalogues and constant PA warnings during the event people still do it.

Several years ago our Rosie was entered at Leeds Dog Show when we had three beardies and our panel van. Our pup wasn't old enough to be let in the show, so Mrs SDA took Rosie off to the showground. I unfurled the awning and put up the puppy pen, leaving the sliding side and rear lifthatch doors wide open. It was a beautiful day and the temperature was way up in the '80's. Both the puppy and our oldie beardie stayed with me and lazed around under the awning. They seemed to prefer to stay outside, where there was a slight breeze, to snoozing in the van, which effectivly had one third of it's sides open to the air as well as fully open Heki's.

Three times during the day there was a patrol around all vehicles in the car parking areas to check no dogs were in distress. Apparently they found two cars with dogs in that had to have their owners called urgently. When they saw our set up the stewards thought it was wonderful and wished more people operated like that.

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Cars are a different story, as an animal will cook In a car.
I left Ray (hubby) at Hamble, in the motorhome asleep in the heat this weekend and he was OK. :lol:
WE leave our Barny in the M/H for periods, obviously taking care of vents etc, as to how long, how long do most people sleep at night?, just 3 hrs, I think not. As someone said, before leaving them, take them for there ablutions and they are quite happy in the knowledge that you will be back to give them a cuddle etc.
I think the solitude of a MH all day is far more plush than the tiny boxes at crowded dog homes and besides, Zoos cage animals forever so I doubt if a pooch would keel over if left for a few hours.

Anyway, it may have been a free range MH and the mutt was fresh rations for their evening meal. :roll:

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