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Hi - I'm using a Vodafone dongle for broadband connection and it seems to work well. I control it through its own Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software.

But I keep getting an annoying pop-up - probably Windows - called 'Dial-up Connection', asking me to 'Select the service you want to connect to' with Vodafone Mobile Connect in the drop-down. It seems to get in the way of the broadband connection which is already up and running, but can stall till I cancel the pop-up, which I sometimes have to do repeatedly.

Is there any way to turn this pop-up off?


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hi jww

yes there is. if you are using explorer - from the menu

internet options
then select "never dial a connection" or "dial a connection whenever a network connection is not present"

that should fix it.


ps if not using explorer, you can get to the same dialogue through control panel
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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