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Who Does The Cooking In Your Motorhome? :)

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Hi Juliepoolie,

tin tomatoes & fresh ones if you have some,
S&P,1/2 tsp,sugar,mixed herbs,oregano,
packet Tesco organic meatballs(loads for two)already cooked.
Spagetti or rice.

Fry off onion in med.saucepan add tomatoes,S&P,sugar,good amount of the herbs,put lid on and let it reduce,add meatballs to heat through.Serve on spagetti or rice.

The sauce can be reduced right down,spread on a pizza base,cover with favourite topping,tuna,sweetcorn,ham,pineapple,pepperoni or cheese,pop in oven for a 10 mins.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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