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Who Does The Cooking In Your Motorhome? :)

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As the motorhoming season has begun, i thought it might be nice for everyone to submit their recipe ideas, that they find are easy to cook on a motorhome. Would be great to have some listed, to keep us all in fresh ideas, albeit bbq recipes or hob/oven recipes...all ideas welcome....

I'll start you of with one ok....



- 2 medium sized potatoes
- 3 tablespoons olive oil
- 1 onion, chopped
- 1 clove garlic, chopped
- 4 eggs

Heat the oil in large frying pan. Peel or scrub potatoes and slice thinly. Put the slices in the pan with the onion & garlic. Cover the pan and cook until the potatoes are tender, turning them occasionally. Beat the eggs. When the potato and onion mixture is cooked, add it to the eggs and mix together. Heat another spoon of oil in the pan, and turn the heat down as low as it will go. Pour the egg, onion & potato mixture into the pan. The essence of this dish is slow cooking and it should take about 20 minutes.When there is no liquid left turn omelette over for 2 minutes. Its now ready to serve and eat! Delicious..perfect with salad or french loaf.

:D :D :D :D :D

I also found a couple of others that some members have added, so i'll include them here:

Written by Peddallers

Mediterranean Chicken

Ingredients (serves 4)

Olive Oil
Pepper (red, green, yellow)
10 fl ozs rice
4 Chicken breasts
10 fl ozs stock
10 fl ozs white wine
12 Cherry tomatoes (or as many as you want or have)
1 large orange (optional)
Fresh basil (dried works fine as well)
Black olives

Gently fry onion and garlic in the oil, then brown the chicken breasts.
Add the peppers and the rice (measured in a measuring jug)* and mix around until the rice is coated with oil.

Then add the stock and wine, season to taste and bring to a gently simmer. Add the tomatoes on top and put the lid on to cook for about 20 minutes (depends on the type of rice). The rice should be soft and the liquid almost gone.
Add the orange in thin slices and the black olives and heat for another 5 minutes.

Scatter fresh basil leaves on top and serve with salad and french bread.
If fresh basil is not available, just add the dried at the 'season to taste' stage.
* If no measuring jug available, then anything will do (cup, mug etc. - just use 2x amount of liquid.

Written by HaylingChrist

From 'Cooking for two' - Jiffy Tuna Surprise:

Put the rice on first - it really is that quick

Fry a large sliced onion and crushed garlic clove or two in a bit of oil till soft.

Add a tin of tuna (less juice) and a tin of tomatos (including juice).

Add curry powder, basil, salt, pepper and rasins to taste.

Be brave with the curry powder - you don't want it to taste like tuna stew!

Turn down to simmer as soon as it starts to boil.

Serve as soon as the rice is ready.

Written by Arthur1

Another ricey one

diced chicken
frozen mixed veg
packet of dried soup ( i find ministrone best)

fry onion till soft add chicken then all other ingredients top up with enough water to cover and simmer till rice is done ( may need to add a bit more water)
best served with some nice crusty bread

Sorry if you rely on weights but i never weigh anything so its just by eye.

Written by Jeanann

Hi cooks
I find that there is plenty that I can make without spending hours cooking, I can do that at home, if I want to.
I use tinned steak to make curry by adding reconstituted dried onions, tinned pineapple or fresh apple, sultanas and curry powder, can also add veg. Also use tinned steak to make a stew by adding tinned potatoes, carrots and peas, add what else you like.
I use lots of cook-in sauces with chicken as they cook very quickly and are tasty, can serve with rice, pasta, cous cous or veg.
I know you might laugh but we also use quite a lot of Spam. Slice it and dry fry it in a non-stick pan and it will brown and tastes lovely, can then serve with veg, baked beans, instead of bacon for breakfast or make into a burger. If cut into small cubes and dry fry you can add a cook-in tomato based sauce and serve with pasta.

Recently I made frajitas using chicken, peppers, onions and a packet mix of frajita spice, served in wraps with salsa and half fat creme frais - beautiful.
Pancake mix is also useful - the type where you do not have to add an egg but just water. Can be used for a sweet or savoury filling, could be used as the wraps for frajitas.

Dried onions have proved to be very useful as always available, do not have to prepare and doesn't make the van smell - I buy mine wholesale.
I also take a ready cooked meal which can be heated on the stove and rice which just needs boiling water added and bringing to the boil, to use on arrival.

I know this seems really lazy but I don't want to waste my time cooking, I've got better things to do when I'm away. I also don't want to create a lot of steam or washing up but I want something nice to eat. I can cook but won't cook if I can help it, infact I'm trained as a cookery teacher. Go on cheat with me.

Written by Caz

Tinned chicken in white sauce - add a bit of garlic salt & some mushrooms & serve with pasta.
Corned beef - wonderfully versatlile e.g. stew with canned vegetables & oxtail soup.
For barbecues, Iceland do some flavoured chicken on sticks that are already cooked so don't take long.

When all else fails Mcdonalds cheers the kids up!

Written by Chuggalugs

Cous cous is little pellets of duram wheat which you fry in a saucepan using olive oil on gentle heat for a few minutes, turn the heat off then add boiling water. Place the lid on imediately and forget for about 10 minutes. DO NOT STUR!! After resisting temptation add a gnogin of butter and fluff up with a fork. The easiest thing to make in the world.

For best results fry some finely chopped veg and onions in the oil before adding the cous cous to give it more flavour. A good pinch of salt wont go amiss either and mint and lemon juice is a favourite too.
Take a look in any supermarket next to the noodles and chickpeas etc. Dont buy the 'easy cook' stuff - its artificial and a waste of money.

Basically you have to use enough gas to boil about 1/2pt of water and frying time for 5 minutes - how much gas is that!!

Easy to measure too -

9floz of water to 9oz of dry cous cous - Enough for 2 people.


I'm feeling hungry now!!!! 8O :D :D
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