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Who Does The Cooking In Your Motorhome? :)

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we call this one first night stew

tin corned beef [diced]
onion [diced]
tin peas
tin potatoes [diced or sliced]
tin carrots
salt pepper stock cube splash [sachet] brown sauce or lea and perrins
pich of tarragon
bread and butter

throw all into pan and heat . stir until corned beef chunks are dissolved
takes 10 mins and feeds 4

great after a 7 hour drive

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I do the cooking at home most of the time.
but then I did spend a year at catering college many years ago.
hated the industry tho. worked 3 mopnths at a 5 star hotel and got rather annoyed coz I was expected to work 20 hours a day for £7 a week.
then they took a quid off coz I lived in.
I worked on other things for a year then joined up as a Royal Engineer. had good times in there but they made me work 23 hrs 58 mins a day.
some days tho the arthur itis wont let me and Michelle does it instead. here's one I taught her and she loves to do

tin mushroom soup
2 good leeks
jar of bockwurst

heat soup add chopped leeks and cook til tender add mushrooms and bockies [sliced] and tarragoin.

boil pasta til al dente

take soup off heat and add grated cheese slowly stirring constantly [so it doesn't curdle and thickens it properley]

add pasta and heat until simmering for 1 minute

maybe with a dollop of garlic bread
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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