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Who Does The Cooking In Your Motorhome? :)

  • The Man Of The Motorhome

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  • Someone Else

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  • We take it in turns

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  • We both do the cooking

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  • Other

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There is a serious omission on the poll....... some of us travel alone!!!!!!!!

My "throw it together in five minutes" recipe depends on what I have fresh.... a regular one using one pan is:-

warm up about half a pint of milk
tear slices of bread into small pieces and add to the milk until all the milk is soaked up - probably 2 slices - then add lots of sliced cheese, strong cheddar preferred - stir until thoroughly gooey and disgusting. If you have a grill, turn it out onto the lid of a cassarole dish and grill it until golden on top. Serve with tinned tomatoes or baked beans.

Sounds vile but just the job after a long drive and very filling. You'll sleep for hours!

I like Roi's recipe might try that next trip :wink:

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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