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hi ,
looking to make a bespoke back box out of ABS sheet material for the chairs and fishing rods etc, the garage is getting full and messy :oops: .

was thinking of using alloy angel inside for strenght and support screwed and sika flexed together with a side opening door.

whats your thoughts?

open to alternative sugestions it would be mounted on the cycle rack back between campervan and cycle rack with little weight inside just bulky stuff.


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I made one with a light wooden framework and covered it with plastic bath panels.....we just happened to have a few!!!!
All edges were sealed with angled plastic and glued.
Mine sat on the stripped down cycle rack with no room for bikes.
It was used a couple of times and it's now awaiting disposal to the recycling yard.
It's perfectly serviceable but it pushes the MH over the 6m barrier for ferries.
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