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Asda Car Park restrictions

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Last week I was in Queensfeery (not that far from Wrexham), I noticed in both the Asda and Lidle car parks height barriers were being installed restricting entry only to cars and low vans and in the case of Asda no available alternative car parking spacenearby. It was interesting to note in the case of Lidle the barrier was knocked down soon after being installed. I suspect these new measures will be an inconveniance to those who use their vechicles 7 days a week. Has any one got any idea why we as motorcaravan users have been singled out or are we the unfortunate ones to suffer because of other peoples behavour.

What is happening in your area ?

Is there any way our concerns can be heard to the people that make these decisions. ?
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Motorhome friendly parking - Chester

For my sins, I work in Local Government and have been pestering my colleagues in Parking Services about suitable motorhome parking areas. The info I have from Chester City Council is that all of their Park and Ride sites have an area for 'overheight vehicles' (although he did admit that at peak times other vehicles park in them) and that there is a designated area at the Little Roodee car park in the city centre for coaches and other large vehicles. The price is the same as for a car.
Interestingly, he asked me if I would be willing to discuss future plans for ....'a significant improvement of the facilities (for motorhomes) at the Little Roodee'..... of course, I agreed and from what he has said so far, I think it might be something quite useful! I will keep you posted and continue to pester other colleagues in other parts of Cheshire. If anyone is thinking of visiting Chester and wants details of how to get to the Little Roodee - just ask!
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