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Attention all ralliers

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Hi All

Could everybody that has added there name to any of our rallies be they ordinary rallies show rallies or meets please go to the following link and tick the box to op in to join the New Motorhomefacts Rally Group.

Optin to rally group


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This should be a sticky to keep it at the top of top 10 Jacque
I have ticked the box anyway
Ta Mavis just waiting for a mod to sticky it you just can't get the staff nowdays :lol:

hi jacquie
i have ticked the box, can you do the same for brandy i 've lost the pass word, if not i will get a new password
I've done it too, cos I've actually booked to go on a rally :D

All done, Jacquie

ok its done. not booked on to any as yet and never been to any so it would be good to try it .

But if the Certificate is issued by Natural England, what about rallies held in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland :? :? :?
1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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